People often ask the question: “What would you do if you knew you would not fail?”

I am here to push you, to challenge your way of thinking with a different one: “If failure was a 50/50 possibility, would you still do it?”

Making a giant leap toward potential failure, while seeing success at the end of the tunnel, is a risk.

We often play life in the safe zone because comfort, familiarity, and success live there. We have the talent and skills to achieve our predestined purpose but let the inner critic paralyze us.

There are 5 essential Up Actions we need to immediately implement in our lives to experience Elevated Living:

1. Show Up

Own the space you inhabit. Be present; mentally, physically, and spiritually and show up as your authentic self. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. Don’t shrink or dim your light to make others feel better. There is enough light for everyone to share.

2. Pray Up

As soon as your feet hit the floor, say a prayer for the day’s journey. Remember, God promised to provide daily bread. Yesterday’s bread is stale and tomorrow’s isn’t made yet. Today’s bread is always right on time! Elevated Living is not for the weak. Prayer becomes your strength.

3. Get Up

The hardest part for people who are apprehensive about living out their dreams is simply getting up. Be it out of bed, out of negative thinking, or simply out of your own way. As long as you wake up on this side of the dirt, it is of the utmost importance that you get up.

Each day brings new adventures and challenges. Embrace the new and get up with expectancy.

4. Dress Up

You are a King’s Kid. You have a right to everything He promised. Dress for the occasion. At the start of your day, you never know where your voyage will take you, but you will look and feel good while traveling.

5. Stay Up

On this road, you will fall. There will be roadblocks and pitfalls. Even in the midst of falling, keep your head up and your chest out. Look adversity in the face. Someone needs the passion that is inside of you.

You are the missing piece to someone’s puzzle. Failure in life is inevitable; it comes with the territory. But no matter what happens, stay up.

Eventually, the obstacles you face on your journey will be a distant memory. The failure will one day be viewed as an opportunity.

Opportunities show up in various ways, shapes, and forms. You must learn how to detect them even in the face of bad traveling weather.


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