So we’re a little ways into the New Year, and perhaps you’re feeling a bit frustrated about not being able to tackle all of those promising resolutions on your ‘2016 Goals List’.

If so, I’ve got good news, there’s never a cutoff point to becoming better.

You can start over right now, today, in this moment! But before you prepare to conquer that banging beach body or land that six figure salary position, let’s take a look at something that will really matter – being a happier you.

Here are six simple steps to set you on the road to happiness:

1. Do More Things That Make You Smile

Whether it’s staying in your jammies all day long with a good book or splurging for that trip of a lifetime, take the time to do something that makes you smile.

We all have responsibilities that can sometimes make it difficult to cater to ourselves, but it is absolutely imperative to create enjoyable moments if you truly want to be a happier person.

2. Stop Focusing on the Past

You’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes. Get over it!

The important thing is that you learn from your experiences and move forward as a better version of yourself. If you’re constantly reenacting everything you’ve done wrong, you run the risk of missing opportunities to do things right.

Let go of past blunders and move forward with your life.

3. Fall In Love…With Yourself 

People focus so much on finding “the one”, but guess what? You are the one. My grandmother used to say, “You came into this world alone and you’ll leave out of it the same way”. That being said, you are the sole author of your own happiness.

Get to know yourself better, buy yourself something nice, and let every action toward yourself be one of love and admiration.

4. Leave Critics in the Dust

There will always be people that will want to hold you down. They may not all be haters, but they’re definitely not supporters. Sometimes people criticize you simply because they are unhappy with themselves.

Don’t allow negative energy to find its way into your circle. Surround yourself with people that are genuinely seeking to better themselves.

Not only will having positive people around serve as inspiration, but it will also help to eliminate any bad vibes.

5. Try Something New

Trying new things create a sense of accomplishment. Feelings of accomplishment lend themselves to happiness. Get out there and try something new! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try your hand at gardening or maybe the electric guitar has been calling your name.

Why not go for it? You never know, you could be the next big thing in the field, and even if you’re not, it’s certainly fun to try.

6. Take a Break from Social Media

When is the last time you’ve enjoyed someone’s company? Like, really enjoyed someone’s company? So often I see people out for a night on the town and everyone’s focus is on their own cell phone. Many times, social media is the culprit.

When I first heard Erykah Badu croon about her ability to make her date put his “phone down”, I was all for it. Then it occurred to me the sad state personal interactions are in if causing someone to put their phone down is reason to brag.

Social Media has its place and can be extremely useful, but it shouldn’t take priority over real life, face-to-face exchanges.

Take time to be present in the moment. Fully enjoy the experiences you are a part of, and by all means, stop comparing.

Your life may not be exactly the way you want it to be, but I can guarantee that if you follow these six simple steps, you will definitely be on the road to a happier you.

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