You’re going on a journey. That’s right, your destination is success!

However, before you arrive at your destiny-ation you need to make sure that your vehicle is clear for take off, and that means that there will be a weight requirement. You will have to weigh your ‘baggage’ because everyone can’t make this trip with you.

Here are 9 people who will not make it through baggage check:

Travel Companion #1: Afraid To Fly

You can’t travel with this individual because their mentality is grounded. They will accuse you of having your head in the clouds. You want to get out of your box and see what the world has to offer, but they won’t understand your need to expand your horizons.

They will take forever to arrive at the same destination as you because they are bus-bound.

Travel Companion #2: Afraid To Swim

This individual only wants to dip their feet in the pool and are afraid to get their hair wet. In order to get to your destination of success, surround yourself with individuals who possess ‘walk-on-water’ faith. They are willing to get on the boat with you and will not jump ship when it starts to rock.

Travel Companion #3: Too Much Carry-On

You can’t take flight because you are helping this individual with their issues, prohibiting yourself from traveling light.

When working toward success you don’t have time to be tied up emotionally, financially, and spiritually with others’ issues.

Prioritize your time, put them on the back burner and diligently work on getting your ideas to the table. Paying their excessive baggage fees guarantees that your trip will be expensive.

Travel Companion #4. Economy Class Mentality

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a budget and working within your means. However, you should never defer your dream or shortcut your vision because others believe your way of thinking is too big.

This individual’s economy class way of thinking will constantly question your desire to do better.

Be careful of extending your buddy pass to them. Even if they are fortunate enough to fly first class with you, they will make your trip a coach experience.

Travel Companion #5. Afraid Of What They Heard In The News

This individual will be intimidated by your ideas and will try to instill fear into you based off of the failure of other people.

However, you can’t be afraid to make moves because people before you have tried and failed.

You should be inspired not intimidated by their failure because greatness never comes from a safe or comfort zone.

Travel Companion #6. Can’t Speak The Language

It is difficult to convey your ideas because, frankly, this individual can’t speak the language of success. You attempt to translate your ideas to them but there is a language barrier.

Not only is it hard for them to understand why you want to be successful, you can’t seem to explain the terminology of success because it is truly foreign to them.

Travel Companion #7. Afraid Of The Locals

This individual doesn’t want to network or get to know the people who know the people who can help you along the way. You want to see the sights, learn a new language, see the culture, and embrace new surroundings, but due to fear they prefer to stay close to the resort instead of embarking on the full experience.

Travel Companion #8. Vision-ally Impaired

This person can’t see your vision. They don’t understand why you need to prepare and build for something that doesn’t yet exist.

Oh…but when the flood gates open and the water comes crashing through, you will be fully prepared to take advantage of every opportunity that flows your way.

Travel Companion #9. Pre-check denied

This individual can ruin your journey because they don’t have the credentials and don’t qualify to travel with you.

While you have taken the time to fill out the application to ensure you can speed through with ease, they are held back and investigated because what they have in their baggage can’t go to your destination.

The bottom line is this: who you share your success with is just as important as the hard work you put in. If you are serious about success, be deliberate about the travel companions you choose.

They can either make your journey to success a rewarding experience, or an all-out trip. Just Saying…

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