Many times people become frustrated because they are not losing weight at the rate they would like to.

It is important to remember that just as we didn’t gain weight or become unhealthy in one day, we are not going to lose weight or establish healthier lifestyles overnight.

It is all a process.

Research suggests that it takes anywhere from 21-40 days to build new habits. Frankly, this process can be difficult and requires work, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.

The journey back to a healthier and happier life is not about perfection, but progress.

As a fitness professional, I’ve noticed that consistency and dedication to a fitness program seems to be increasingly difficult for people. They find themselves on the hamster wheel, going in circles as fast as they can for a short amount of time, but making little to NO progress. I encourage you to remain committed and dedicated to the personal cause of healthier living.

One of the most important keys to your success is consistency.

Consistency is doing what it takes to accomplish your goals and incorporating health, wellness, and spiritual wholeness into all that you do, on a daily basis. It requires you to remember that you are important! You are worthy of having a long life!

The question is: How bad do you want to live? Once you answer, you are well on your way.

Here are 6 tips to help you jump start your 21-40 days of consistency building:

1. Plan Your Workout Time

Review your family, career, and community obligations. This will allow you to identify available time to work out. Additionally, prepare for your family by organizing sitters and play times that work with your workout times.

2. Make A Date

Use time management tools such as email or phone reminders to designate your workout time. This is a great way to condition those around you to respect the 30-60 minutes that you will be unavailable.

3. Prepare for Your Week

Pack your workout bag and lunches at night. Taking a page from my personal life, I use Sunday evenings to prepare all breakfast, lunch, and snacks needed for the work week. This process helps to not only build a routine, but grabbing my lunch bag is effortless in the mornings.

You will not only save money, you will save calories while building positive and healthy habits.

4. Maximize the Moment

The average commercial runs 20-40 seconds. During that time, do a quick in home circuit. For example, do jumping jacks, crunches, or run in place.

5. Make It A Family Affair

Plan family activities such as walks in the park, bike riding, and swimming. This will incorporate the family into a healthy and fit life.

6. Purposeful Participation

Locate a local support team for encouragement. Periodically, challenge yourself to try new activities to maintain fitness results (i.e. aerobics class, resistance training, boot camp, yoga).

Since life can be unpredictable, planning and preparation will be essential to remaining on track.

Developing a healthier life doesn’t require you to be flawless, but it does require consistency, which in time leads to positive progression if you don’t give up.

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