Building a successful career takes time.

A professional woman often doesn’t have the luxury of a straight, easy climb to success. Instead, she has to carve out her own path by seeking opportunities and strategizing along the way.

Perhaps you’ve reached a roadblock or feel under-appreciated, despite the contributions and sacrifices you’ve made along the way. Get back in the game!

Get back on track with our 4 keys to advance in your career:

#1. Never Stop Learning

Your peers often have the same knowledge and expertise that you do. How do you stand out? Re-think how you seek opportunities to learn and advance your skill set.  Look for ways to enhance your repertoire.

Acknowledge your weaknesses and areas of opportunity, and identify ways to make changes or get advanced training. Your skill set needs to constantly evolve to maintain a competitive advantage.

#2. Build Your Network

Who’s on board to help you up the success ladder? Build your corporate bench. Establish relationships across, up-and-down levels, and within your industry. Depend on them to give you direct, honest feedback, insights, and valuable information.

Also reach out to people you admire and ask them to mentor you. Mentors are valuable at EVERY stage of your career, not just when you’re starting out.

#3. Establish an Executive Presence

You’re ready to step up and gain more authority, but how do you get your management team on board?  Building an executive presence and voice is an important key to advancing your career. Take stock of your negative habits, such as over-gesturing or slouching, and get rid of them.

Get out of your comfort zone – even if you hit a stumbling block, never retract to your bubble.  Face it head-on!  You bring a lot to the table. Don’t be afraid to tell your story and own your contributions.

You bring a lot to the table. Don’t be afraid to tell your story and own your contributions.

#4. Maximize Your Contribution to the Workplace

Making your boss successful is important to your success. When you exceed expectations, you gain a reputation for over delivering and put yourself one step ahead. Make yourself irreplaceable and the first person your boss thinks of when a new promotion or growth opportunity comes up.

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