The moment you’ve always dreamed of is now your reality!

You sealed the deal with vows and an intimate kiss, family and friends there to support you.

You danced the night away at the reception, delicately fed one another a bite of cake, tossed the bouquet and garter, and now have hundreds of digital photos ready to share on social media and your living room coffee table.

Congratulations! The wedding and honeymoon were just as you planned, and exactly what “The Mrs.” fantasized about since childhood. Now you enter into a new phase as One.

Marriage is amazing. Marriage is great! But just like the old adage says, “Great marriages don’t just happen”. 

Here are the top 5 Tips for newlyweds, to make your marriage work:

Newlywed Tip #1: Communicate.

Communication is the key to unlocking true intimacy, trust, and unity. When you agree to communicate consistently and with honesty, you create a bond that cannot easily be broken.

It’s essential to talk about everything from your marital hopes and expectations, to your goals as a family, how your day was at work, and the interesting, quirky things on your mind. People get married to share their lives with the one they love, and the foundation of this is communication.

Newlywed Tip #2: Pay Yourself First and Save.

As newlyweds, you have just come out of a season of spending. Lots of cash was spent to make your wedding a special day to remember. Now that the two of you are a family, you must remember to invest. That’s right, invest in You!

Though many things will call for your attention, it’s important to pay yourself first and save. Money problems are one of the most significant factors that can lead to divorce. You may want to buy a home in the near future, accompanied with new furniture, cutlery, a car, new wardrobe, and more.

As tempting as it is may be to spend more because your household income has increased, you must be sure to make the investment that matters most.

Save, Save, Save! Your secure future will thank you for it.

Newlywed Tip #3: Keep Dating. 

Always find time to have fun. Right now you may be thinking, “Of course, that’s a no-brainer”, but many couples fall into the routine of life and inadvertently forget to do this.

Be sure to go on planned and also spontaneous dates. Dates should consist of hobbies you both like. You can even take turns planning. This gives you something to look forward to at the end of the work week!

Newlywed Tip # 4: Don’t Compare.

Comparisons kill. Comparisons cause couples to lose their contentment.

Remember this now and in the years to come: your marriage is special. Your marriage is unique. Your marriage is yours. Always be intentional about positively embracing everything about your spouse and your marriage. When you water and care for yours, the “grass” won’t look greener on the other side. Appreciate your spouse and the journey you are on.

Gratitude yields a great marriage, and that’s what you want.

Newlywed Tip #5: Have Fun in the Bedroom. 

Yes, have sex often. Marriage is the place where sexual pleasure, excitement, and pure intimacy can take place without limits.

Enjoy each other. Explore each other. Love one another. This truly keeps the love alive!

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