I just finished another agonizing board meeting which was filled with me selling the accomplishments of my team and trying to find the right words to engage them to care; to actually perform as a functioning and productive board.

I failed… again!

At the end of that meeting, I was vexed but inspired. You see, I have been engaged in an internal empowerment session with myself about strategizing my exit into entrepreneurship over the past several weeks.

This was fuel for my fire.

Unlike in previous months, where I drowned my sorrows in one, okay maybe 3 to 4 glasses of wine, I put my passion on paper – hence this post.

Somewhere someone is reading this, sick and tired of those around them devaluing their worth, questioning their expertise and making their path more troublesome. This is for you Boo!

Check out 3 steps to create a masterpiece from the madness and come out on top like the Boss you are:

1. Ignore your blurred vision

The problem in your way right now is really a beautiful opportunity wrapped in blurred vision. Those slackers you are dealing with are not on your level and don’t have the vision, passion or fortitude that you do.

Think of it this way… can a turtle see what a giraffe sees? I think not! Your view is up top and grand like the giraffe’s and theirs is low and limited like a turtle. Use your vision to showcase your talents. Dig deeper and strategize how you can work with, around or without them.

You are talented enough! You’re smart enough! You’re bold enough!

2. Always know your end game

In other words, don’t be distracted from your goal and lose focus. I recently attended an event with the father of famed NFL player RGIII. When asked what he poured into his son to help him build character, he offered advice that I think is invaluable no matter where you are on your journey.

He told his son that coaches, whether happy or sad, will yell, be emotional and full of commentary. He directed him to tune out the noise and listen for the instruction.

Likewise, when you have noise, confusion and doubt around or within you, take a moment, get centered and listen for instruction. What should you be doing to work towards your goal? Tune in and then turn up!

3. Make a template, a framework for your path

A template is a foundation with basic components that can be used for multiple situations, but is also flexible enough that you can input details unique to the task at hand.

Add the following to your personal template as a starting point: Professionalism, Confidence, Character, Assertiveness and Perseverance.

You have what it takes. Don’t lose focus or fire because of outside influences. You’ve got this!

The bottom line is this: Your value is not determined by anyone or any circumstance.

From this point forward, affirm your beautiful, intelligent, loveable and unique nature, flaws and all. Most importantly, develop a love for yourself that is beyond reproach.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who are living on purpose and be careful about what you bring into your body, mind and spirit.

We are all the sum of our decisions and a product of our surroundings. Starting today, pledge to yourself that you are brilliant, bold, and a Boss who will live as such no matter who’s watching or what others have to say.

Are you focused on the big picture?

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