The thought of bringing a child into the world can be both exciting and absolutely terrifying.

After 40 weeks of planning and waiting for your little one to arrive, you will be responsible for another human being. The wait is worth it and parenthood is an amazing journey.

There really isn’t a perfect time to have a child. Life has the beautiful tendency to throw you a few curve balls and that will not stop once you become pregnant.

If you and your partner are thinking about turning your party of two into a party of three, here are some questions to ask yourself first:

Are you healthy?  

Prenatal care is not just for your pregnancy. It is important that you and your partner have check-ups before trying to conceive. The last thing that you want to worry about is a health issue while you are pregnant.

Stress affects your growing baby and you will want to be your best self mentally and physically while pregnant.

Once you receive the thumbs up from your doctor, pay more attention to your diet. You and your partner need as much folate as possible, so load up on those leafy greens and start taking a prenatal vitamin three months prior to when you hope to conceive.

Can you afford it?  

There is no getting around the fact that children are very expensive. With the cost of diapers, health insurance, day care, etc., the expenses can be intimidating.

Put a budget in place if you don’t already have one, and set a portion of your monthly income aside in a savings account. As long as you have wiggle room in your budget or don’t mind making the lifestyle adjustments to take care of your little one, go for it!

Is there space for baby?  

Baby gear can take over even the largest home. Before you get pregnant, make sure that you have space to accommodate the little one.

If you need to upgrade to a larger space, try to do so before you are too far along in your pregnancy. Moving is stressful and during your last trimester you will want to relax, organize the baby’s space, and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Do you have help?  

You will definitely need a village to help raise your child. If you are physically close to family and friends, wonderful! If you are not in the same location, create your own village.

Join meet up groups where you will have a chance to socialize with other expecting couples. Build a network with other families in your community. These people will be invaluable.

Are you ready to be called Mommy?  

Once you deliver, your life will be forever changed. This tiny person will come into your world and will be completely dependent on you. Their dependence gives you unwavering strength that you may not even know you had.

You will have an amazing bond that only you and you baby share so make sure to spend time taking care of yourself physically and mentally, before their arrival. The pregnancy period will be the last time you can truly focus on you.

This time is important for your well-being as you prepare for the rigors of motherhood.

Sign up for prenatal yoga. Take that water aerobics class. Schedule a few spa days with your girlfriends and start a journal to document your feelings during this journey.

Remember that as long as you and your partner have a solid relationship, a stable income, and there is health insurance for the entire family including your little one, you are in a great position. The desire to have a child is the most important thing that you need.

And if you truly want to be a parent, that desire will ensure that your baby is always well taken care of and happy.

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