black love

“Broken Glass Oceans” by Cashawn Brown

"I wrote this poem after recently getting out of a toxic relationship; about the different phases of the relationship from beginning to end. This poem is for anyone who has gotten lost in love."
black love poetry

Brown Butter is Love

Cocoa skinned girl your eyes should be the sun Disillusionment begets bitterness begets hate Feel the mass in your chest that can’t let you swallow Been drowning...
safety pin campaign

Can Someone Safety Pin Me Together?

Can someone safety pin me together? Because I feel as if my soul has been Ripped open with rage and sadness Maybe if I had a million...
Elevation of a Woman Nia Magazine for black women

Elevation of a Woman

Rise up ladies! Heed the call women and girls all over the world. It's our time to gather and shine. Stand firm on common ground. Have a meeting...
Discovery of A Brown Beauty Nia Magazine for black women

Poetry: “Discovery of A Brown Beauty” by Archuleta Chisolm

The reflection in the bathwater always revealed the chocolate hue of my skin. Water beaded upon it like drops of dew on sycamore leaves. The water wouldn’t...
ho wmany more police shootings nia magazine for black women

How Many More?

What do you do when tears anger hope prayer protest... are not enough? When you're almost numb inside because you've heard this story so many times you know it by heart. Exhausted from...
The Most He Ever Felt Nia Magazine for Black women

Poetry: The Most He Ever Felt

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes were the freckles on his nose His warm breath glided over his lips and onto her...
Black a Long Time Nia magazine for black women

Poetry: “Black A Long Time” by Tierra Johnson

Skin, a bronzy yellowish gold Hair twisted, kinky, full and coiled Lips full, partly to nature and partly to big teeth Eyebrows that grow tall & thick clipped...
Meta love poetry nia magazine for black women

Poetry: “Meta Love” by Jasmyne K. Rogers

Meta Love by Jasmyne K. Rogers I met love when my journey with puberty had reached its peak it came disguised as the complex simplicities embedded in the companionship...
Poetry: Loving A Love That Hurts | Nia Magazine for black women

Poetry: “Loving a Love that Hurts” by KiarahSymone Sumner

Was it real? Was any of it real? The way a man looks at the woman. Looks of sweaty, hot lust Or passionate, volcanic love. How does the...
Poetry Hope by Elisa Oliver Nia Magazine for Black women

Poetry: “Hope” by Elisa Oliver

Hope by Elisa Oliver Awaiting, reaching hope I stumble and grasp for air As I hold up my hand Strength enters my soul like a holy ghost I keep traveling...
Time for Peace Nia Magazine for black women

Poetry: “Time For Peace” by Tanya Robertson

Time for Peace by: Tanya Robertson Holding back the tears and years of pain you caused The anger rises in me like a volcano ready for eruption My...
It's Our Assignment Nia Magazine for Black women

Poetry: “It’s Our Assignment” by Shana Smith-Coleman

"My poem is about being Black in America and the responsibility that comes along with that. My target audience would be anyone that feels a...

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Why I Started Nia Magazine

The most important piece is YOU, our readers. Thank you in advance for being a part of the Nia movement. I want to hear from you. What do you want to see? What do you care about? Nia is a dialogue. We’re in this together.


Sometimes Black Girl Magic Is A Buried Treasure

I’m a grown, empowered, magic having Black girl. Standing strong in an identity that feels good. Grateful because that wasn’t always my truth. For too long, I...

To Have or To Have Not?

It wasn’t 10 minutes into our happy hour, as we waited patiently for the over-enthused waiter with the punk-rocked hair to bring our drinks,...

Frenvy: Are You Secretly Jealous of Your Friends?

In it’s purest and most effective form, frenvy (aka “friend - envy) is that Bruce Lee kick-to-your-face-and-gut that your body delivers as you listen to your BFF, neighbor, co-worker or close acquaintance, tell you their dream is about to come true.