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Alanna is the celebrity real estate expert at Redfin and oversees the Fun & Fabulous content for the Redfin Real-Time blog. Before going to Redfin, Alanna was a local TV news producer and dabbled in the world of reality TV production. Her dream home would be a duplex in NYC with a balcony, washer/dryer and a dishwasher.

Closing the Wage Gap: 5 Salary Negotiation Tips Every Woman Should Use

It’s hard to know how much you should ask for before taking a job if you don’t know how much you’re worth to a company. You could sell yourself short if you walk into a salary negotiation unprepared and accept an offer for less than...


Black Don’t Crack

There's an old saying that goes, "Youth is wasted on the youth." I used to totally agree with that statement. When you're young, you believe...