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Cierra Kaler-Jones
Cierra Kaler-Jones is a graduate student whose research focuses on using storytelling and artistic expression as effective strategies to teach and empower students to have constructive conversations about social justice issues. When she isn’t researching trends in education or speaking to students about the power of sharing their stories, she is dancing professionally or leading free arts workshops. cierrakalerjones.com

Self Love Journey: My Love Affair with My Curly Hair

When it comes to my mass of curls, I’ve tried every hairstyle imaginable - keratin straightening treatments, braids, extensions, relaxers - all to hide the natural kinks and coils that are my God-given crown. As my ends started to fray and my scalp grew weary...

The Power of Celebrating Yourself: How I Learned How to Clap For Myself

When I was in college, I took a public speaking class to work on becoming more comfortable expressing myself through voice. On the final day, I gave what I remember being a moving and powerful speech and then quickly ran back to my seat, head...

A Love Letter to Issa Rae and Awkward Black Girls Everywhere

Dear Issa Rae, I will shamelessly admit that as soon as Insecure premiered on HBO, I religiously planted myself in front of the television to ensure that I never missed an episode. As soon as the season was over, amid my laughter and tears, I...


I Was the Only One Holding Myself Back

Have you ever experienced anxiety and paranoia? It’s one thing to experience one or the other, but a combination of both can leave you...