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Connie L. Johnson is a writer, teacher and speaker. She is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the greatness of historically marginalized people. Connie is the author of Beyond Measure and is currently writing Survivor's Song, a memoir\self help project.

Why My New Mantra is: “Forward Ever, Backwards Never”

"Elephant thinking” is a business concept that illustrates the conditioning of the human mind to remain stagnant and content in undesirable circumstances. In various versions of this anecdotal story, a baby elephant is chained to a small stake by a circus trainer. When she to...

Forty, Fabulous and Fallible

Like many teenagers I naively created a time line of my life of when and where I would be during certain stages of my life. My plan was to finish college and start my career as an electrical engineer by twenty-two. I was to be...

Our Purpose, Our Plan


5 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Yourself

Use every heartbreak, disappointment and failure as an opportunity to learn. Experience equals learning and that's what life is all about!