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Erika T. Kendrick
Erika T. Kendrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Personal & Executive Coach in Montclair, NJ whose passion is working with women to restore hope. She enjoys family, all things beautiful, and a good challenge. You can find out more about her at www.erikatkendrick.com and www.facebook.com/erikatkendricklpc.

#SelfLove Tips: 5 Quick Ways to Eliminate Stress

It's so easy to fall into the trap of thinking, "If I only had ____ (fill in the blank), my life would be so...

Give Yourself Permission to Slow Down

"You’re so slow,” I say. My daughter is a laid back type of kid. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen her actually rush around....

But God: A Sink Full of Blessings

I love the entire process of cooking. This includes thinking about what to prepare, getting the ingredients together, and preparing and serving the meal. When...

Our Purpose, Our Plan


Are You Ready for Love?

Hang on, back up. Before you and Ms. Arie start singing a duet, let me talk to you for a second… Are you truly ready? I...