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Dr. Katrina Spigner
Dr. Katrina Spigner (Dr. K) is the Founder and CEO of Re-Source Solutions,LLC, a personal and professional growth and development company. She is a certified personal and executive coach, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, author of three books, and an adjunct professor. Dr. K is the creator of the research-based, Voice Positioning System, a strategy that emerges out of her "Voice Lessons" program, which is designed to help women harness their power and master their influence. More than anything, Dr. K's heart's desire is to live her life in a way that SPEAKS LIFE!

How Love Brought Me Back From The Brink of Suicide

How did I get here? My t-shirt pulsated in the rhythm of my heart’s pounding as if it was trying to beat its way free from the weakening vessel that held it hostage. Thump thump...thump was the tempo in my ear. Through fast and shallow...

Stop Standing In Line: 3 Things to Do When You’re Ready to Move to the Front of Your Life

change your life
How many times have you stood in line at the grocery store, bank, or other places only to find that the line next to you was moving faster than the one you were in? Did you contemplate moving over, but decide to stay put instead? Well,...

The Truth About The Masks We Wear: It’s Time to Discover the Real You

the real you
Façade. Front. Masquerade. Fake. Are these the words that describe your life? WAIT! Before you stop reading…stay with me. I know it may be difficult to admit, because these are not the adjectives you would commonly use when asked for a description. These are not even words...

What Will Happen to the Black Woman’s Voice When Michelle Obama Leaves the White House?

michelle obama #blackgirlmagic
On August 25, 2008, Mrs. Michelle Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention. In front of an exuberant crowd, she stepped up to the microphone as a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister. It was overwhelmingly apparent that at the forefront...

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I Loved Him But I Didn’t Like Him

The carport lights flashed on through the kitchen blinds and the engine of the light blue 1988 Cadillac Deville could be heard in the...


Write for Nia Magazine

Do you have your own story to tell? Or perhaps you've been looking for a place to share your voice... Well, look no further! Whether you’ve...


Watch What You Consume… And I’m Not Talking About Food

We all know that drinking tons of sugary drinks, having our fill of fried foods, and the love affair we have with cake is...

5 Things Every Woman Should Consider to Avoid A(nother) Heartbreak

In the words of Wyclef Jean, "Someone please call 911 tell them I just been shot down and the bullet's in my heart." When the relationship,...

I am Worthy

The first man to ever hurt me was my dad. I couldn't decipher the difference between his absence and my worth, so I used the confusion to build my walls. I was hardened on the outside, but within those walls I was just broken.