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Lakeesha L. Thomas
Lakeesha L. Thomas, a native of New Brunswick, New Jersey, is the author of "Don't Be a Baby Mama Be a Mother", freelance writer, poet, speaker, entrepreneur, and proud single mother to an incredible little boy. She holds a B.A. in Africana Studies with a minor in Psychology, from Rutgers University, Douglass College.

“Good Friends Are Hard to Find”: 3 Ways to Nurture Your Friendships When You Do

When I was younger and had fewer life responsibilities, my friendships meant everything to me. I was with my girls all the time. They were the center of my life. We partied, shared our hopes and dreams for the future, and prepared to take on the...

Single Mother Guilt

Most mothers feel mommy guilt at one point or another. Whether it’s guilt from working outside of the home or the guilt that a mother feels when her child gets hurt on her watch. Expectations are placed on us by society, family and friends, the...

Does Natural Hair Equate to Black Consciousness?

Over the past ten years, the natural hair movement has exploded. Black women are rejecting the idea that our hair has to fit into what society deems acceptable. No longer concerned about others being comfortable with our appearance, we are embracing our natural hair; regardless...


His Thoughts: Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)

I spent 5 years hurting a good woman by staying with her but never fully choosing her. I did want to be with this one....