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Laura Alejandra is a Florida-based blogger, writer and born storyteller. Born and raised in Colombia, she is obsessed with musicals, anime and manga, Instagram (@introducinglaura), romance novels, EDM music, weightlifting, and recreating every cooking recipe found on Pinterest. When she is not taking spontaneous weekend trips, (or wishing she was) she can be found on Twitter (@introducinglau), talking about her experiences living in the United States as an immigrant—and just about life in general. Her blog is www.ourbeststory.com.

Why Hitting “Rock Bottom” Isn’t Always Bad

On one lovely summer day, I was brought into a conference room, and told I was being let go from my job. So were dozens of people who worked with me. Some sat there in stunned silence, others lowered their heads to hide their tears; another...

Why You Should Never Travel

When I told my friend about my upcoming solo trip to New York City, she exclaimed,“Oh wow, I wish I could do that!” I just nodded. I wish I could enjoy spending my free time training for half marathons like she does, but I have...

How I Learned to Own My Beautiful & Appreciate My Amazing

This is what I looked like in my teenage years: I had a thick, long mane of dark curls that cascaded down my back and bounced with every move. My eyes were luminous and framed by thick, long lashes. My lips were pouty and red. My smile...

Our Purpose, Our Plan


4 Things I Learned After 30 Job Interviews

Securing a job is never a foregone conclusion. When I moved from suburban Pennsylvania to New York City in early 2015, I was confident my...