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Laura Alejandra is a Florida-based blogger, writer and born storyteller. Born and raised in Colombia, she is obsessed with musicals, anime and manga, Instagram (@introducinglaura), romance novels, EDM music, weightlifting, and recreating every cooking recipe found on Pinterest. When she is not taking spontaneous weekend trips, (or wishing she was) she can be found on Twitter (@introducinglau), talking about her experiences living in the United States as an immigrant—and just about life in general. Her blog is

How I Learned to Own My Beautiful & Appreciate My Amazing

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This is what I looked like in my teenage years: I had a thick, long mane of dark curls that cascaded down my back and bounced with every move. My eyes were luminous and framed by thick, long lashes. My lips were pouty and red. My smile...

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I Loved Him But I Didn’t Like Him

The carport lights flashed on through the kitchen blinds and the engine of the light blue 1988 Cadillac Deville could be heard in the...


Write for Nia Magazine

Do you have your own story to tell? Or perhaps you've been looking for a place to share your voice... Well, look no further! Whether you’ve...


Poetry: “Sunshine” by Alexis Tyler Austin

sunshine by Alexis Tyler Austin my son shines. a reflection reflective of me. of him. Of us. with breastfeeding comes burping came the breeding of brilliance. he a-b-c’d me into acknowledgment of all possibilities: endless. he will know 1-2-3 strikes...

The Good in Goodbye: What It Taught Me About Myself

“The tears are a sign of healing,” she whispered as she kissed me on my cheek and went home. I was a wreck. I was...

6 Motivational Quotes to Live By

Motivational quotes are amazing. There’s nothing like having a bit of wisdom wrapped up in tight little sentences to help propel you forward throughout life...