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Lia Miller, aka Lia World Traveler, is the quintessential every-woman, a loving wife and mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer/blogger, movie and book buff, DIY loc’d naturalista, food lover, sports/fitness enthusiast, news junkie, traveling fool, and life-time learner. Lia shares her adventures and insights with you at: liaworldtraveler.com.

How to Talk to Aging Parents about Their Health

If you are like me and in the unfortunate position of living far away from your parents, when you do see them it is...

6 Everyday Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage

Six everyday things that can ruin your relationship. Though they may seem simplistic, it is always the little things that usually lead to a relationship’s undoing.

Our Purpose, Our Plan

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Don’t Back Down When God Gives You Everything You’ve Prayed For

This year I’ve learned that sometimes when we whisper our prayers, we pray for what we believe we need. I speak things into the universe...

Insecure No More

When I think about my past, one of the things I would never have called myself was insecure. I had a diverse peer group. I...

When Love Fails and You Prevail: 5 Steps to Gracefully Become...

Iwas 20 years old when I got married to who I thought was the perfect guy. I diligently saved myself for marriage. I was a...