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Marty Fletcher
Marty Fletcher is an author, blogger and expert in improving friendships between women. She is the author of "Broken Whole" and "The Better Than Best Friend Guide: Becoming The Friend You Need Her To Be". Her books empower, motivate, and inspire women to become better women and friends.

6 Things to Do When Life Won’t Even Give You Lemons

what to do when you want to give up
Life has a funny way of working out. It sometimes seems like the more mature you get, the less control you feel you have over your life. If only life could be as simple as a childhood game… remember the one in which you would...

5 Things Every Woman Needs To Be Successful

things every woman needs to be successful nia magazine for black women
So you’ve decided that you want to be successful.  Great!  This will be the easiest decision you make on your road to success. The road will be long, winding, and sometimes slippery, so it is a must that you pack light. Here are 5 things you...

Girl Fight: Why Your Friendship Status Isn’t for Social Media

social media friendship
There is a quote that reads: “To have a true enemy, choose a friend”. If you don’t believe it, take a look at your social media accounts and you will find remnants of what used to be the tightest of friendships… ones that now exist...

But Is He Even Worthy of Your Love?

black love
If this month has you feeling down and you are contemplating calling back that guy with the bad tooth just so you can have a date for Valentine’s Day or Friday night - hold your horses. Don’t allow a feeling of loneliness to push you...

It’s Time to Reshape Your Circle

reshape your circle
Enough is enough of being loyal to individuals who don’t even return your phone calls. If you haven’t heard, time is of the essence and life is too short to be surrounded by people who’d rather be anywhere in the world than with you. You have dreams...

9 People You Can’t Travel With on Your Journey to Success

9 People You Can't Travel With on Your Journey to Success Nia magazine for black women
You’re going on a journey. That’s right, your destination is success! However, before you arrive at your destiny-ation you need to make sure that your vehicle is clear for take off, and that means that there will be a weight requirement. You will have to weigh...

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Healthy Eating: Should You Go Gluten-Free?

A gluten-free diet is unlike any other diet. It allows you to eat with few restrictions as all foods that you loved before can still be enjoyed by simply swapping a few ingredients.

5 Steps to Become the Queen of Your Life

Are you the queen of your life, or do you feel more like the poor peasant girl? Do you rule your world or do...

5 Ways to Find & Own Your Happiness

Do me a favor. Ask yourself one question: "Am I in a prison that I created for myself?" If you are, don't waste time. Grab those keys. You...