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Ianna Ali is the Founder & CEO of NiaMagazine.com, a digital lifestyle platform that celebrates Black female voices and experiences. An avid fan of Black web series, Indian literature and all things Jesus + The Golden Girls + Michelle Obama + Love & Hip Hop, she dreams of one day running Nia from a lounge chair overlooking the archipelagos of Santorini.

15 Podcasts By Black Women That You Should Download Today

For as long as I can remember, I've had two external loves: books and music. I could spend entire afternoons cuddled under the covers lost in a fictional character's world or, pen and notebook in hand, reviewing the 48 Laws of Power. The faint sound...

How Many More?

What do you do when tears anger hope prayer protest... are not enough? When you're almost numb inside because you've heard this story so many times you know it by heart. Exhausted from breaking carrying the weight of hurt defense and explanation. Black Lives vs. All Lives doesn't really matter when it's your life hanging in the balance and your brothers being murdered. Target...

Why “First” Has Replaced Love Jones As My Black Love Go To

I don't consider myself a complete stranger to love. Maybe more like the best friend of your play cousin, who you hang out with at the July 4th BBQ but never become Facebook friends with. Yes, her. But definitely not a stranger. I've been in a few long-term...

Why I Started Nia Magazine

The most important piece is YOU, our readers. Thank you in advance for being a part of the Nia movement. I want to hear from you. What do you want to see? What do you care about? Nia is a dialogue. We’re in this together.

Our Purpose, Our Plan


6 Everyday Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage

Six everyday things that can ruin your relationship. Though they may seem simplistic, it is always the little things that usually lead to a relationship’s undoing.