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Nobi DeLon

Nobi DeLon
Nobi DeLon is a NJ based writer, educator, and empowerment facilitator obsessed with vintage Black glamour, hip hop, good conversation, reading, sweet tea, and hope. Always evolving, this proud mama of three considers herself most fearless when she is being creative behind a pen, podium or set of turntables. Connect with Nobi on her new vice, Instagram - @nobidelon.

Sometimes Black Girl Magic Is A Buried Treasure

Black Girl Magic
I’m a grown, empowered, magic having Black girl. Standing strong in an identity that feels good. Grateful because that wasn’t always my truth. For too long, I understood Blackness in terms of light and dark skin - red bones that folks claimed, but we couldn’t see, and...

Date Night Atlanta Edition: 28 Ideas to Make Your Next Date the Best One Ever

date night atlanta
If you’re anything like me, a date invitation evokes instant smiles. The kind that starts in your eyes and gently curls the corners of your mouth. Secret ones that dance inside your belly - reminding you of soaring back and forth on playground swings. Besides...

Curators of Cool: Meet The 5 Black Women Conquering the Design & Art World

Meet 5 Black Women Conquering the Design & Art World
From skyscrapers and custom homes, to product development and interior design solutions, the amazing talent of Black architects and designers is on full display everywhere, every day. And yet they remain unfamiliar names and faces – almost completely absent from mainstream media. Here, we’ll highlight...

The Lit Life: 10 Books You Should Dive Into Right Now

10 Books You Should read right now
My love affair with books began just before I turned a year old. My mom, eight months pregnant with my sister, traveled with me from New Jersey to her hometown in South Carolina seeking the comfort of her mother. She hadn’t been prepared for the...

5 Black Female Media Powerhouses Transforming TV Culture With Stories For & About Us

black female media powerhouses
During orientation for a writing position I’d accepted, the manager wheeled in a rolling-cart/TV/VCR combo synonymous with training film torture. There were sighs of relief from everyone in the room except me when he announced that viewing A Miracle on 34th Street would illustrate the...


Why I Started Nia Magazine

The most important piece is YOU, our readers. Thank you in advance for being a part of the Nia movement. I want to hear from you. What do you want to see? What do you care about? Nia is a dialogue. We’re in this together.

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Why America Must Pass the Chalk to Black Women

This singular moment in Hidden Figures sums up how the US should interact with Black women. During a highly classified government meeting, a group consisting...


The 2017 Hot & Not List: “Do Better” Edition

Thought this would be another trendy fashion guide? If so, you’re mistaken! This is the Hot & Not list: lifestyle edition. 2016 was quite a...

Mom 2.0: I’m Entering a New Phase of Motherhood

My son just finished the first semester of his junior year of high school. Junior year.  Eleventh grade.  It doesn't even seem possible. Especially given that...

Reinventing Yourself at 40

When one thinks about the BIG 4-0, you can have many thoughts in the back of your mind. Maybe you’re scared because you can...