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Tanya Robertson
I am a survivor, a widow, and a mother of 3. I have a passion for helping other women heal and learn to walk in their light. By helping others, I continue to heal myself.

I am Worthy

The first man to ever hurt me was my dad. I couldn't decipher the difference between his absence and my worth, so I used the confusion to build my walls. I was hardened on the outside, but within those walls I was just broken.

Poetry: “Time For Peace” by Tanya Robertson

Time for Peace by: Tanya Robertson Holding back the tears and years of pain you caused The anger rises in me like a volcano ready for eruption My...

Our Purpose, Our Plan

Living Life

My First Trip to the Motherland

My Second Day in Africa When everything happened I was sitting in a canoe. It was night. It was a party. The music was outside. We were making...

Your Healthy Living Guide: 5 Easy Tips to Eat More Mindfully

Being more mindful when you eat is my number one tip to help my clients not only lose weight, but also maintain vibrant health...

I Quit: Kudos to the Black Girl Who Believed She Could...

I quit. Well not like that. But essentially, yes. After damn near ten years of dedicated service to an organization that shall remain nameless – although...