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But God: What Do You Do in Desert Places?

The desert is defined as a region so arid because of little rainfall, that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no...
Black Girl Magic Nia magazine for black women

Spellbound by Black Girl Magic

The term, Black Girl Magic evokes an aura of empowerment, pride, and respect. It reflects our diverse abilities, backgrounds, and styles. Black Girl Magic is everything...
Overcome Fear and Make Your Dreams A Reality

Overcome Fear and Make Your Dreams A Reality

Women often spend so much time nurturing others that we forget to take care of ourselves. But you must make yourself a priority. Each day...
But God: Why I Refuse To Be Held Captive Nia Magazine for black women

But God: Why I Refuse to be Held Captive

I'm choosing to soar above all of the negative thoughts and things that would stand to hold me back from fulfilling GOD's plan for my life.
Making Time for You Nia magazine for black women

Making Time for You: The Power of a Quiet Morning

Starting my morning in silent reflection is my emotional anchor. There are always peaks and valleys throughout the day, but I have found that my morning routine of solitude keeps me balanced no matter what is thrown my way.
get my self esteem back

5 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Yourself

Use every heartbreak, disappointment and failure as an opportunity to learn. Experience equals learning and that's what life is all about!
how to find balance in life Nia magazine for black women

How To Realize Your True Value

Your outlook and how you perceive life is a direct reflection of how you view yourself. It’s time to take control of your thoughts and learn...
love letter to black women

Why I Started Nia Magazine

The most important piece is YOU, our readers. Thank you in advance for being a part of the Nia movement. I want to hear from you. What do you want to see? What do you care about? Nia is a dialogue. We’re in this together.

Our Purpose, Our Plan

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Don’t Back Down When God Gives You Everything You’ve Prayed For

This year I’ve learned that sometimes when we whisper our prayers, we pray for what we believe we need. I speak things into the universe...

Insecure No More

When I think about my past, one of the things I would never have called myself was insecure. I had a diverse peer group. I...

When Love Fails and You Prevail: 5 Steps to Gracefully Become...

Iwas 20 years old when I got married to who I thought was the perfect guy. I diligently saved myself for marriage. I was a...