Self Love

Self Love

love myself doing fine

“I’m Doing Fine”…and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

As a therapist who counsels people with mental health disorders and addiction issues, I have come to the conclusion that the most over-utilized word...
Please Stop Trying to Talk Me Out of My Greatness

Please Stop Trying to Talk Me Out of My Greatness!

About a month ago, I decided that it was time for me to quit my job and pursue my entrepreneurial passion full time. For 20...
black love poetry

Brown Butter is Love

Cocoa skinned girl your eyes should be the sun Disillusionment begets bitterness begets hate Feel the mass in your chest that can’t let you swallow Been drowning...
wake up call

Wake Up Call: My Journey to Loving Me

Sometimes the kick in the butt you need comes from an unlikely place. From the time I noticed a difference in the way I was...
find happiness

5 Ways to Find & Own Your Happiness

Do me a favor. Ask yourself one question: "Am I in a prison that I created for myself?" If you are, don't waste time. Grab those keys. You...
8 Things Confident Women Just Don’t Do Nia magazine for black women

8 Things Confident Women Just Don’t Do

There's nothing like a confident woman. A woman who is sure of herself can rule an entire empire. But what if your confidence isn't where it...
Authentic life

5 Steps to Embrace F.A.L.L.: Freedom to Authentic, Limitless Living

What if you gave yourself permission to amplify your greatness? I mean, categorically take all of what makes you amazing, and boldly allow your truest...
forty and fabulous

Forty, Fabulous and Fallible

Like many teenagers I naively created a time line of my life of when and where I would be during certain stages of my...
It's Okay to Put Your Superwoman Cape Away Nia Magazine

It’s Okay to Put Your Superwoman Cape Away…They’ll Survive

Life doesn't have to be complicated to be meaningful. Explore our 5 keys to finding balance in your life.
Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Have you ever been in a place where you can see exactly where you want to go? You even have inkling about how to...
me time

Embracing Me, Myself & Me Time

I love solitude…always have. I was that quiet little girl who would get lost in her own world playing with dolls, reading complete novels in...
on the brink of change

What to Do When You’re “On the Brink”

Have you ever experienced a feeling, where you know something major is going to take place, but you can’t put your finger on what...
love him but i don't like him

I Loved Him But I Didn’t Like Him

The carport lights flashed on through the kitchen blinds and the engine of the light blue 1988 Cadillac Deville could be heard in the...


Why I Started Nia Magazine

The most important piece is YOU, our readers. Thank you in advance for being a part of the Nia movement. I want to hear from you. What do you want to see? What do you care about? Nia is a dialogue. We’re in this together.

The Latest

Why America Must Pass the Chalk to Black Women

This singular moment in Hidden Figures sums up how the US should interact with Black women. During a highly classified government meeting, a group consisting...


Single is the New Black

Let’s face it- no woman really wants to be single. God didn’t place any of us on this earth to be alone. Society will tell...

Spitting Fire

Wait…did this child just spit on me? I felt the moisture on my chin and neck. My hands rushed to my face, but stopped short...

Poetry: “Hope” by Elisa Oliver

Hope by Elisa Oliver Awaiting, reaching hope I stumble and grasp for air As I hold up my hand Strength enters my soul like a holy ghost I keep traveling...