“Now…that was just dumb Takia!”

“Today is the worst day ever!”

“You are looking real fat today girl!”

“I just can’t.”

“What made me think that I could do this?”

I found myself screaming these announcements to myself daily as I attacked my ever growing to do list as a single mother, entrepreneur, and full time employee. The workload always seemed insurmountable and I found myself dwelling in a place of self-deprecating talk.

Talk that I would never say to anyone else.

Talk that, if I heard someone else saying to themselves or others, I would immediately come to their rescue; letting the culprit of these negative statements know that this kind of talk is unacceptable.

So why wasn’t I doing this to and for myself? Why was I allowing myself to bask in negativity that prevented me from being my best self?

Being successful in all facets of our lives requires us to change the way we speak to ourselves. Here are 5 ways to rewrite your inner dialogue and change your life. Be nice…to yourself!

1. If you don’t have anything nice to say, create one!

This is the remix of the old favorite. If you are at a loss for a nicety to say to yourself because the situation seems pretty bad, compliment someone else on their fabulousness. Smile. Say hello to a stranger. Positive behavior breeds a positive outlook. The positive vibes will start flowing your way.

2. Write love notes to yourself.

Kick off your inner love fest by leaving love notes to yourself everywhere! Post sticky notes in the car stating how fabulous you are. Affirm yourself by hanging positive quotes around the house. Love on yourself!

Being successful in all facets of our lives requires us to change the way we speak to ourselves.

4. Remember, you are human.

We all make mistakes and none of us are perfect – no matter what we post on social media. Forgive yourself and move on.

5. Stand up to your inner bully.

Yup, there’s an inner bully that lives in all of us. The sole purpose of this inner bully is to tell us what we are not and what we can’t do. We all know the best way to beat a bully is to stand up to them and prove them wrong, even when the bully resides in us. So, let’s get on our feet and start proving.

6. Every day, compliment yourself.

Remind yourself that you are enough, that today is a great day, that you can do all things, and that you are the best you in the world! Being nice is not just something you do for others, it is also a mandatory part of what you have to do for yourself.

Be nice to yourself!

Believe me, it works!

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