Are you the queen of your life, or do you feel more like the poor peasant girl? Do you rule your world or do you often find yourself acting as a fill-in?

If you’re less than satisfied in your current role, it may be easier than you ever imagined to turn the tables.

Here’s a few things that are sure to leave you feeling like the girl boss that you truly are.

1. Kill Your Desire for Validation. 

So often, too many people walk through life never knowing how magnificent they are because they’ve fallen into the validation trap.

Waiting for someone else to acknowledge you could take forever.

Once you truly recognize your dopeness, you won’t need anyone to second that motion.

You understand that your style, interests, and beliefs compliment YOU. Your confidence shouldn’t be dependent on the approval of others.

2. Ensuring Your Desires Are a Priority.

How many times have you found yourself putting someone else’s needs and wants above yours? What about accepting other’s opinions as being more sound?

If you haven’t done so already, you have to learn that your thoughts and opinions are valid. Your wants and desires are important. While it’s definitely noble to put others ahead of yourself, it is a must that you remain a priority in your own life.

If you aren’t significant in your own world, then where?

3. Take Time for Self-Care. 

Self-care is severely underrated. In my circle of friends, most of us feel guilty for taking even a moment for ourselves. There’s always some “better” way we could be spending our time. We have families, jobs, church obligations, and the list goes on and on.

However, taking time for yourself is essential. We all need time to relax and reboot.

If you’re always giving your all to everyone and everything without taking the time to re-up, you eventually won’t have anything left to give.

Do something that makes you smile, and don’t be afraid to be selfish – even if it’s only once a month.

4. Give Yourself Permission to Speak Your Mind. 

Can you count the number of times you let something ride that you shouldn’t have? How often have you said, “Yes” when you really wanted to say “No”? It’s cool to keep the peace and not want to make any waves, but not when it comes at the expense of your peace of mind.

You have a voice for a reason. You also have the right to say no.

There are very few things more empowering than telling someone exactly how you feel. Respectfully of course.

5. Pursue Your Dreams. 

I never feel quite as successful as I do when I’m pursuing my dreams. For me, it isn’t just conquering the end goal that makes me a success, but each and every step along the way. Hone your craft, engage in activities that will propel you closer to your objective.

When you’re doing what you love, you can’t help but to feel like the successful queen that you are.

Separately or together, these things will give you a boost of confidence, literally overnight. It might take a bit of practice if you aren’t in the habit of doing them already, but the feeling of fulfillment you’ll receive is so worth the try.

What other things can you do to ensure you’re the queen of your life?

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