Skin, a bronzy yellowish gold
Hair twisted, kinky, full and coiled
Lips full, partly to nature and partly to big teeth
Eyebrows that grow tall & thick
clipped and trimmed
that’s me filling to my brim

Let the cup runneth over.

I’ve been black a long time. Across life times
Amongst their J.crew cardigans and beige nude flats

I am no mannequin.

I see the eyes look up as I ease myself into my seat.
Flip around my twisted mane
While adjusting my black eye frames.

Stares are met with stares
Faces that scream “truth or dare”
I’m used to it.
I’m bruised to it

I am aware.

I don’t need the glam, eyelashes and post op visits
I been rocking with just me for a good solid minute

That God beauty all up in it.

My hair don’t grow straight and my back anticipates
a new day.

Where you won’t beg me to be like you instead
Compromising what was given to me
and call it “paying dues”

A day where I’m walking along
to the beat of my own drum
and not your dissected and dated pre assigned song

A day when I can do what I do
With no worries
or racing thoughts
Concerning you.

The past was a time that will always be with me
Deep frustrations with the constructs of
what black should be.

My beaded earrings, my braided hair, my trayvon martin tee.
My knowledge of what I come from,
The unrealised woman in me.

I don’t need your board room
I don’t need your tea
I’ve been black a long time and now meet the human being.

I know they got lip injectors and suction cups
I may just have a book and hardly any luck
I know they got networks and privilege runs deep
I may just have the soul that puts fear to sleep

I might not be the image that makes it to prime TV
I’ve been black a long time and I most definitely see
All the images designed to eradicate me.

I been black along time

I don’t have to look like those girls in your magazine
In order to polish the jewels on the crown that makes me Queen

I been black along time.

Keep peeking at this beauty of mine,
Look hard, Don’t blink, it’s time you see

Today I don’t exist among you.

Today you exist among me.


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Tierra Johnson
I am an aspiring writer exploring my craft. The mother of two Princes. Just turned 30. I currently reside in Seattle W.A. and look forward to share these racing thoughts that stir within to as many people as possible. From my pen to you ears.