I heard a rushing sound and looked out of my office window and witnessed a flash of white. No, not snow, the element one would normally expect this time of season…but rain.


My hair was salon styled and I was without an umbrella. My pressing situation left me with two options: enter the wall of water that was furiously cascading from the sky, or be delayed. The latter was not an option so within seconds of stepping out of the door, I was drenched.

Sassy hairstyle soaked.

I was immersed in sheets of rain. Consumed. Engulfed. There was nothing dry associated with me. Even my protected electronics experienced moisture.

I was so saturated with the torrential, monsoon like waters that I left a puddle where I was stood on the train. My purse and computer bag, equally soaked, contributed to the pool of water I left behind.

Upon reaching my destination, the skies opened yet again…floodgates weakened by the last barrage making the remainder of my journey home akin to salmon swimming upstream.

Many would indeed be left struggling to endure such a downpour but surprising to me, throughout the entire experience I was wrapped in that peace that surpasses understanding; The joy that cometh in the morning and the love that endures all. Experienced my own miracle as I chose to smile, laugh, and walk boldly amidst flooded streets.

While fellow beings were hurriedly trying to seek shelter, I walked calmly and assuredly, knowing that this flash storm would soon pass.

Isn’t it true of any storm (literally and figuratively) that enters our life? They appear sometimes without warning, causing the unprepared damage that requires recovery assistance and then pass just as quickly as they arrived.

Well, I arrived home looking like a wet cat; my clothes plastered to my body and weighted by absorbed water.

I laughed at how ridiculous I looked in the mirror. I thanked my Creator for the opportunity to experience such a phenomenon and an unexpected blessing.

48 hours later, my hair was still the softest it had ever been.

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Stacye Montez
Stacye Montez, a women’s empowerment trailblazer/speaker, grew up when race and gender equality caused as much fervor as the introduction of social media. She lives unapologetically as a seasoned executive, publicist, award winning television producer and phoenix who likes occasional walks in inclement weather to receive unknown blessings.