My children miss their dad.

His death was sudden. Shocking. Unexpected.

Death is difficult for those of us left behind, but in speaking with my children about their dad, and praying to be released from the pain, it was laid on my spirit that they were HIS blessing.

Think about that for a moment…his blessing.

The realization of being his blessing goes beyond superficially saying, “my children are my blessing”, with a quick smile for the listener. This realization stretches to touch a deeper level of understanding that speaks to the significant impact they had on their dad’s life in order to bring him joy before he died.

Their dad always wanted three children. He was adamant when we spoke about children.


And that is just how many he was blessed with, each holding a special place: a daddy’s girl, a namesake, and a male namesake for his late mother. All three carry his genes – internally and externally. They each took turns changing his world for the better. He witnessed each one enter this world.

His eyes lit up with wonder and love watching his fresh-from-the-oven baby girl curl the fingers of her tiny hand around his finger as he held her.

His chest swelled with pride watching his first son suit up for his first football game…his helmet swallowing up his five year old head.

His laughter bubbled up from deep inside, spilling onto us all as his second son, perched on daddy’s chest with feet not even reaching the floor, ‘pinned’ him to the floor with three-year-old arms that barely reached his daddy’s elbows.

He learned to walk holding toddler’s hands – his 6 foot 2 inch frame awkwardly bent for their comfort and security. He cleaned babies’ bottoms, made hospital visits, comforted sick babies, traveled with and for them, rooted for them, and coached them. He played with them and disciplined them. He loved on them.

He spent many quiet hours with them curled on his chest, on his lap, under his arms, and by his side…from their first breaths to his last.

They painted his life with the meaning that only the colorful imagination of children can provide.

They were his joy. Their love for their daddy was pure and evident. It is certain that he blessed their lives, there is no question there. Yet God labeled them his blessing.

I believe this stems from the fact that God knew before time began that their dad would only live 38 short years.

He would not be using their dad to fulfill the majority of their dreams and yearnings. His physical blessing on their lives would be just for a moment. But for him, God gave him answered desires…the three babies he hoped for.

God knew that they would not grow up with their dad, and yet He hand-picked each one as an answer to his hopes.

These babies blessed him in all the ways aforementioned and more. Chosen by God to provide immense joy in this life. A tremendous blessing, a calling, an anointing…carried and shared by three unaware children.

So when my children are down, it is my job to bring awareness.

I tell them, you were birthed to be your dad’s blessing…how special is that? God placed you here to give him the amazing blessing of a child’s love, time, affection, and adoration before he died.

Yes, there is more to your life’s purpose and meaning.

Yes, there is more to your existence and calling.

Your present pain sometimes seems unbearable. Yet, the first years of your life were beautifully dedicated to fulfilling a blessing for your dad that only you could fulfill, and fulfill it you did.

A God-given blessing that no one else on this earth was chosen to, nor able to fulfill…only you. How wonderful is that?

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