I already know what you are thinking: “But drinking water is so boring and tasteless!” And for many people, that’s true.

For others, the taste is not an issue, yet they still don’t drink enough due to forgetfulness or busy-ness.

In my practice, increasing the water content that my clients drink on a daily basis often is all they need to get rid of many of their digestive discomforts, skin issues and even mental fog and creative blocks!

Water is needed for basically every single metabolic function in your body: elimination, digestion, rejuvenation, etc. In this article, you’ll find a few tips to guarantee that you drink enough throughout the day.

It is such an easy and cheap habit to add to your healthy routine and yet it is so powerful for your body, health and well being. Remember, the result is often more important than our initial hesitation.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Water Should Be Your New Favorite Drink

  1. Migraines Are The Worst

I used to get the worst migraines on a weekly basis, never really understanding the reason behind them. Once I went to Nutrition School, it all started to make sense. My body was just seriously dehydrated!

Yes, I used to only drink water but clearly not enough water at all. Today, I aim to drink between 0.52 to 0.66 gal per day and my migraines completely disappeared.

Trust me, if you have frequent headaches or migraines, simply drinking more water might be very helpful and a first step towards better health.

  1. No More Dry Skin and Lips

This too is a clear sign of dehydration. Buying moisturizing lotions and lip balms will not solve your dryness problem. The solution starts from within.

For better hydrated skin and lips, always drink enough water on a daily basis. What is enough, you ask? Well it varies from one person to the next but in general, your water content should fall in between 0.4 to 0.8 gal per day.

Yes, that sounds like a lot but I have a few tips for you, at the end of this article, to make it easier and effortless.

  1. End Skin Irritation

Psoriasis, acne, breakouts, rosacea, etc. All of these skin conditions all have one thing in common: inflammation.

One great way to reduce internal and external inflammation is by properly hydrating your body. Nutrition is very important as well, but you need the proper amount of water in order for your body to carry necessary nutrients to all of your organs and cells.

Our bodies, being made of at least 70% of water, cannot function properly without adequate amounts of water.

  1. Stop Constipation in its Tracks

Did you know that a healthy body usually has 1 to 3 bowel movements per day? Yet, many people rarely even have one. Guess what? Your nutrition and hydration have a lot to do with it.

Drinking enough water and eating more plant-based fibers (i.e. fruits & veggies), will allow you to see a drastic change in your elimination process.

Bonus: the more you get rid of inner toxins, the stronger your health and energy levels will become as well. Plus, your skin will look more radiant too!

  1. Reverse Low Energy/Lethargy

This one might be surprising to you.

Staying properly hydrated throughout the day will not only give you more energy, but you will also think more clearly and work more efficiently too. Our brain is made of more than 83% of water. Hence to function properly, it needs enough water.

Water is truly essential for vibrant health and many people know this but still do not drink enough. So, here are the tips I promised you earlier to make help you achieve this goal:

Here are 5 easy steps to drink more water on a daily basis:

  • Carry a reusable 26 gal water bottle with you everywhere. Aim to drink 1 full bottle in the morning and throughout the afternoon. Choose stainless steel or glass containers to avoid plastic contamination. Having a water bottle with you at all times will be a great reminder to sip throughout the day.
  • Flavor your water with fruits, veggies or fresh herbs to make it tastier. Try these combinations: rosemary & orange, basil and raspberries, or cucumbers & mint.
  • In the winter, try herbal infusions or herbal teas. Unlike black or green tea, infusions do not contain caffeine nor theine, both of which can act as diuretics. Plus herbal infusions are another great way to drink flavorful water. Please skip the added sugars, though.
  • Pay attention to the color of your urine. If it is a dark yellow/orange, then you know you need more water. Your urine’s color should always be a pale yellow.
  • Set up an alarm on your phone or computer. I advise setting up an alarm for every 2 hours to make sure you drink water throughout the day.

Follow these few tips for the next few months and I am sure water will become your new favorite drink too.

Achieving a healthy body doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s all about giving your body what it needs and water is a number one priority!

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