Rise up ladies! Heed the call
women and girls all over the world.

It’s our time to gather and shine.
Stand firm on common ground.
Have a meeting of the minds.
Refuse to be compliant, fearful or shy.

Rise up my sisters
let your voices be heard
wade in the water no more
carry the load or cry.
Release the greatness
from deep within.

Hold your head up high.
support, encourage, uplift each other,
not fight over our brothers
disrespect ourselves or our mothers.
get back to the heart of
our roots
loving one another.

Sisters, cousins and daughters.
all strikingly unique
yet one in the same.

Embrace your flaws don’t be ashamed.
Cast your spell
evoke your power
make them all remember your name.

Unveil the beauty
that longs to rise
above adversity and pain.
remember rainbows appear
after the rain.

below the surface
of what the eye can behold and see,
lies as a symbol of eternal hope for you and me.

we have the heart and mind to be more

a positive force in this broken world.

Rise up as examples
for our teens, little ones and girls.
walking angels we are.
possessing wings of many colors
so vivid in expression.

The time has arrived
to spring our wings wide and fly.

Excel above all
you thought you could never be.
reverse the words NO and carry ON.
Always remembering
together we are stronger than standing alone.

Rise up my sisters and take flight!

Soar to your destiny!
rise above the limitations
bounded by our minds and our history.

Elevate above our haters
beyond how society rates us.
rise up against injustices,
broken heartedness, bitterness and poverty.

No more self pity
self doubt, or living in mediocrity.

Propel off of the greatness
of the fierce women that defied the odds
and flew before you and me.

Rise higher
let them see you glide and fly.

Soar my fellow sisters
be bold, be brave and go beyond the sky.

Roar like a lioness, loud and strong
for we are queens.
made to sit on a mighty throne.

Don’t doubt yourself
or respond to the Why.
Eat from the same table
passing the greatness along.
dark, mocha, black, white,
whatever your color,

Know your gender is right.

We are the voice of a mighty song.

Magnetic women attracting God’s light.

A divine thought of our creator.

His chosen vessel for life.

Wake up and rise up my sisters!
no time for sleep.
Laziness and compliancy make us weak.
become the light that radiates
through the darkness they speak.

It’s time to rise up
stake our claim,
make our dreams a reality come true.

Jesus came through a woman’s womb to save the world.
that in itself makes us royalty,

God’s super girls.

shout, dance, and giggle with joy.

you were born a fierce feline
armed and ready
to pounce and prowl

Conquer this world
fade out the noise of the opposing crowd.

Believe you can achieve

Rise up!

In the face of adversity continue to propel
focused and dedicated to your calling.
a Shero arising like the sun in the sky,
making room and a path
so the others can rise up and fly by your side.

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