We are now four months into 2017. By now, many people have already given up on their “I’m gonna work out every day” New Year’s resolutions.

Understandable, given how boring and intimidating exercising can feel, especially if you are new to it.

If you are beginning to rethink your goals, please hold on just a little bit longer.

I have been there before, and it took me years to build a solid and consistent exercise routine. I knew I wanted to stick to one because it improved not only the health of my body, but also my mood and self-confidence.

You too deserve to feel your best in your own body, and working out regularly is one sure way to get there!

To help, I’d like to share 5 tips that are guaranteed to help you stick to a consistent and healthy exercise routine, without getting bored! You will be amazed at how much easier it gets once you follow them.

5 Tips To Help You Stick to A Consistent Exercise Routine

1. Don’t just wing it, Schedule it

I once read that unless you schedule a task, the chances are it won’t happen. It’s true for me too. Unless I sit down and schedule my priority tasks for the week, personal or not, I usually won’t get to them.

We all know what it’s like: procrastinating, being busy, feeling overwhelmed and tired always gets in the way of our good intentions to get up and workout.

Do yourself a favor and schedule your workouts into your agenda or phone calendar. Once they are in your weekly calendar, they become priorities just as important as your business appointments or any other task. Plus, when you schedule your exercise, you create a set time and day and can organize your schedule accordingly.

It becomes way more likely for you to workout, then.

2. Get a Buddy

Whether you are a newbie to moving your body regularly or you are simply trying a new gym class, finding a workout buddy will definitely help you stick to your routine.

It is a great way to stay motivated, while socializing and having fun catching up with a friend. Kill two birds with one stone: plan your next girlfriend date at the gym.

If you cannot find a friend or family member who wants to workout with you, try group workouts. At first, they seem intimidating, but then you make friends and they become your motivation and help you stay consistent.

3. Less Thinking, More Doing

This tip is essential. Stop overthinking your workouts.

Get moving and get going.

I have skipped my workouts way too often, simply because I started to think about the process of getting ready and getting to the gym. I find that doing instead of thinking gets me a lot further and helps to eliminate any excuses.

Just put your workout clothes on and go. Usually, that is the hardest part.

4. Make it FUN

Have fun, ladies!

If you don’t enjoy running, don’t sign up for a running club. Find a form of physical activity that you do truly enjoy. If you like to spend time outdoors, try hiking, biking, speed walking or group sports.

Hitting the gym is not the only way to move your body.

Take me, for example. I find so much joy in dancing that when I find a gym class or a type of workout that involves some good music and dancing, I am always down for it (think Zumba, Aerolatin classes, or even Spinning).

Find joy in moving your body and you will see how much easier it is to make it a daily habit.

5. Try at-Home Workouts

If your schedule is too hectic or unpredictable, this tip is for you.

When I moved to France for a year, I was unable to find a gym that met my needs. I started to work out at home or outside. It was truly a lifesaver.

When you work out from the comfort of your own home, you can do it any time of the day and however you want. To keep it challenging and interesting, try the online workout videos or free fitness apps on your phone. You will see that you can find just as much variety and fun in these options as well. Give it a try.

Remember that building a consistent workout routine takes time and dedication. So, always be kind to yourself and take baby steps. Make smaller commitments at first and stick to those first before moving on to bigger plans.

With these tips, nothing should stop you from achieving your exercise goals this year. Schedule it, make it fun, find a gym partner, try an at-home workout and just DO it.

Happy sweating session!

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Sarah Somian
Sarah Somian is a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant with a passion for natural and holistic methods of healing and nourishing the body. She firmly believes that Nature and whole foods can be powerful medicines, when used appropriately. Her mission is to empower and educate her clients so that they can enjoy vibrant health from the inside out. A real globetrotter and travel enthusiast as well, you can easily find her via her website: www.deliciouslyvibrant.com, Instagram: @deliciouslyvibrant or Facebook Page: Deliciously Vibrant.