I’ve spent the majority of my life testing faith; yet enduring much.

I often ask myself, why it is so hard to have sustaining faith and truly trust in God with my whole heart? How does that even feel? We spend so much of each day trying to conquer the world as mothers, businesswomen and the like, that we forget there is a power greater than us.

I can honestly say I’ve governed my mental thinking with an “I rule the world” mantra that has often left me drained and unfulfilled.

I’ve chased dream after dream; some coming true, others left me bitter. I’ve tackled every challenge with an ‘S’ on my chest, only to moderately celebrate my wins because my losses leave me feeling inadequate. I’ve personally grown tired of the stress I’ve created for myself.

There has to be a better way right?

So I ask myself, why not truly trust my faith and spiritual instincts to guide me? I mean I’ve tried everything else, why not?

I find it hard to trust myself at times. No wonder I can’t trust anything beyond my understanding.

The sad part is I could trust myself if I was more in tune. We can fortify our inner faith, if we take time to fully connect with the oneness of being still and allowing our spiritual energy to flow. That flow of energy connects us to God, The One or the Highest, whatever you like to refer to it as.

I’ve challenged myself to begin a practice of meditating on solutions during challenging times. Often we are told to tackle issues head on. It’s like the race to find the solution is more important than learning the lesson.

I’m here to tell you, I’ve hung my boxing gloves up for the New Year.

I’m going to allow, notice I said ALLOW, myself to enjoy this life’s processes. Trusting that all things work for my greater good whether I take flight or fight. Enjoy the mistakes, wins and losses.

I’m going to learn to trust my instincts and master those feelings that govern my heart because the heart is truly where my thoughts are ignited.

I know that if allowed, the challenges of this life will teach me to ultimately believe in solutions finding their own way in time.

That, my friend, is FAITH.

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