Do me a favor. Ask yourself one question:

“Am I in a prison that I created for myself?”

If you are, don’t waste time. Grab those keys. You are in control of your own opportunities to find and embrace your happiness if you truly want to.

It may sound cliche’ but true happiness is achieved when we stop seeking extrinsic things and discover the joy within ourselves. But how?

Tiny treasures can be found in the most unexpected places, if you allow yourself to be open to the journey.

Try these 5 ways to find and own your happiness. After all, what do you have to lose that you don’t want gone anyway?


We are always busy fitting into roles; trying to become the best mother, friend, sister, lover, or employee we can be. Being your best is important, but it is also important to FILL yourself first.

It’s next to impossible to give 100%, if your relationship with yourself is running on empty. Concentrate on you.

Think about the forgotten hobbies, interests, and activities that make you happy and carve out regular “me time”.

find happiness

Allow yourself the room to fly free and unconstrained.


We have the tendency to look back over our lives and relive the bitterness and anger of things gone wrong. Often, instead of strengthening our resolve and using these experiences as a road map of “things to avoid moving forward”, we end up chained to the past.

Well, as Tasha Cobbs said, it’s time to break every chain. Today.

Take your guilt or shame by the hand, invite it in for tea, and open yourself up to self-forgiveness.

Apologize and atone to those you may have hurt or disappointed, and find a way to move forward. What’s done is done.

We are all prone to moments of bad judgment, but they shouldn’t define our lives.


You may believe that you are flawed beyond repair. Perhaps you don’t completely love the reflection staring back in the mirror or find it hard to cope with what life is throwing your way.

Don’t lose hope.

True perfection is achieved when you accept your faults and feel confident in your own skin. Instead of struggling with or ruthlessly criticizing yourself, know that you are unique.

5 Ways to Find & Embrace Your Happiness in 2017

The things you love about yourself – and those you don’t – make you exactly who you are.

Everyone has something they’d love to change or improve upon. You’re not in this by yourself, even if the road feels a little lonely at times.


Our lives are often marked by a constant stream of pressures, anxiety about the future, and nagging worries about this, that, and the other thing. How you perceive your circumstances and react to them is far important than any stressor.

Find that place of peace within yourself and learn to connect with it. Some refer to it as the “secret place”.

Find that place of peace within yourself and learn to connect with it.

When you find your peace, stress will still exist, but you will have a different perception of its importance. You will be better able to analyze what you can fix or put up with – and let go of what is beyond your control.


It’s easy to lose your sense of humor and give in to your negative side. Never take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and find security in the lighter side of things.

5 Ways to Find & Embrace Your Happiness in 2017

Don’t allow yourself to be crushed under the weight of circumstances. Remember what we said about perceptions.

Find the roots of your happiness and chop off the stumbling blocks. Eliminate whatever is distracting you from being able to live your best life.

The road to find and embrace your happiness can be a complicated one. But you have already been designed to win. And you will.

One step at a time.

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