The path to Queendom is often paved with personal truths, hard boundaries, and necessary, but challenging steps to achieve the life you deserve.

Softness doesn’t always mean weakness. 

You can smile and be kind, while saying exactly what you mean and getting others to listen. You’ve earned the right to choose your own path without consensus and agreement from others.

These seven transitions are sometimes hard to make. But a Queen rules her own life; not to be liked, but to be respected.

1.  From Mincing words to Direct speech. 

If you find yourself fumbling over your words or fighting to be heard, it’s time to say what you mean and mean what you say. A Queen asks for what she wants unapologetically, because she knows she deserves it. And she’s worth it!

2.  From Agreeable to Honest. 

Being pleasant and polite has its place. But being truthful about who you are and what you need are the only ways to correct what is going wrong, or acknowledge what needs your attention.

3.  From One-sided to Objective. 

Taking sides may seem like the right thing to do when your partner or loved ones disagree. But Queens are fair and impartial. Loving someone doesn’t automatically make them right. You can support others without cosigning their actions.

4.  From People-pleasing to Genuine enjoyment. 

People-pleasing can often be seen as a positive. But in actuality, it is a double-sided dishonesty.

You may be allowing others to believe that you enjoy things you don’t, while denying yourself the enjoyment you deserve. Queens discern what they genuinely like and participate because it brings them joy. Not solely out of a sense of obligation.

5.  From Co-dependence to Independence. 

Co-dependence is a melding of minds, emotions, and actions; where one person is dependent on another to do, say, think, or feel something. Constantly checking in or seeking approval from others does not allow Your Highness to shine in her own light.

6.  From Conformity to Aspiration. 

Molding to the ideals others set for your appearance, personality, or goals takes away from who you are meant to be.

Aspiring to your Highest self will provide an undeniable zest for life that no other checklist can muster. True acceptance comes from the inside.

7.  From Caretaking to Care giving. 

Taking care of someone else is an admirable trait, but giving care is even better. The difference?

Caretaking is removing another’s ability or desire to take care of themselves, while often neglecting your own needs. Care giving is providing comfort and support; only when you are ready, able to, and have cared for yourself.

Never allow your “need to be needed” to overshadow another’s actual need to be supported.

Own the Queen within!

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