We’ve all heard of the friend zone. Two infamous words that will make most men run for the hills.

I don’t know many men who desire to be in the friend zone. You won’t find it on his itinerary and he’ll never admit he’s been there. It’s essentially a dumping ground for men who aren’t viewed as viable candidates to date.

Of course, there are also some men who deserve to be there. The players and slackers should stay there until they get themselves together.

But do we do ourselves a disservice by categorizing too soon?

Are there decent men in the friend zone that we haven’t considered because we’ve “set it and forget it”?

We want our significant other to be dependable and caring, but we cast good prospects aside in search of the BBD (bigger better deal); the flashier model with all of the bells and whistles.

But love doesn’t always come in the package we expect. I have girlfriends who are now happily engaged or married to men they once put in the friend zone. One day, something clicked and they saw “him” as someone they could build a future with.

Chemistry is important, but chemistry alone won’t sustain a relationship. While I don’t suggest settling for less than you deserve, looking deeper than the surface wouldn’t hurt.

Here are 3 reasons you may want to take another look at the men in your friend zone:

  1.  He’s reliable – Whether you need someone to talk to or have a flat tire, he’s right there when you need him. He puts you first and is only a phone call away. These are important characteristics of a great friend and partner. He goes out of his way for you, but it’ll only last so long before he starts to feel used or just decides to move on. If you have a man in your life who is consistent and dependable, it may be worth taking a serious look his way.
  2. He knows the real you (and still hangs around) – He’s seen you at your worst and wasn’t turned off in the least bit. Do you remember that time you were sick and he brought over soup? He didn’t even mention the rat’s nest on your head. That’s the sign of a man who loves you for you and not just your physical appearance. He knows your flaws but adores and respects you in spite of them. Isn’t that what we all want?
  3. He’s already integrated into your life – Let’s face it, meeting the friends and family is tough stuff. It’s not something anyone looks forward to but your male friend is already in your inner circle. Your family thinks he’s sweet and he’s won your friends over. Most people already think you’re a couple. The hard stuff is behind you. He’s ready to go!

Humans are complex creatures. We say we want one thing, but our actions often say something else. Maybe the man who’s been with you through thick and thin is what you’ve been waiting for all along.

Could the man of your dreams be staring you right in the face?

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