Life is hard. Life as a Believer can sometimes feel even harder.

I remember how this was my story back in 2010.

I had worked diligently to become a skilled educator. I wanted to teach students how to use their words to change their lives and the lives of others. This was not simply a passion, but rather a calling.

But in 2010, that was stolen from me. I couldn’t understand it.

It never occurred to me that people would do anything to see a good teacher destroyed. But it happened to me, and I was certainly not the only one.

For the better part of four years, I lived in a state of constant fear and rejection. Before that situation, I was a confident woman. I was fearless. I was seemingly invincible. Not because I was perfect, but because I knew the Lord, and I had a strong father in my life.

I lost myself in the sea of trouble. I was drowning and ready to give up on life.

Quite often, we tend to believe that because we know the Lord, that somehow shields us from trouble.

Sometimes we think that when we hit hard times, it’s God’s way of punishing us. While this is true in some instances, this is not always the case. In fact, what we think are impossible situations, God sees as our pathway to destiny.

Consider Joseph, for a moment.

He was nearly killed by his brothers, sold into slavery, accused of rape, and sentenced to prison. Yet, it was this very path that led him to become the second most powerful man in the civilized world. You can’t buy that kind of power.

And when he reached the pinnacle of his destiny, he looked back and realized that God was in control all along.

The same message is for us today.

God empowers us to reach our destiny and gain a life better than we can imagine. He allows us to face hardships just to show the enemy that His hand is on our life. That’s a wonderful blessing, but the process can be difficult.

There are five areas that you should give attention to:

1. Forgiveness

As hard as it is to forgive the people who wronged you, you must forgive. You must release the offense and the offender. This brings liberty and freedom to you internally.

2. Reconciliation

When a situation allows for you to reconcile with the person who hurt you, do it.

That doesn’t mean you return to an abusive relationship or subject yourself to further mistreatment. But when the offender acknowledges the wrong and has demonstrated change, restore that broken fellowship.

When Joseph’s brothers realized that he was alive and reigning in Egypt, Joseph allowed for reconciliation. This brought great joy to his father and the entire family.

At times, reconciliation is the key to bringing back the lost relationships that helped you become who you are. So be willing to do this.

3. A New Idea

You may wonder what this has to do with helping you get your life back, but I promise that it is crucial. When you hit hard times and they cause you to lose something that you worked for, it can often appear to be hopeless.

This is how I felt after my career and reputation as an impeccable teacher were destroyed. And because I didn’t know what to do, this brought upon great depression.

However, during this time, the Lord gave me ideas about creating something that would glorify Him. From that hardship, I developed what is now a profitable online business. And that’s how you ought to see your situation.

What lessons are you learning through the hardship? How can they be applied to a new life of greatness?

When Joseph was in prison, he exercised his gift of management, which enabled him to solve the massive famine crisis in Egypt. It was God’s wisdom that he employed; but this wisdom did not emerge when all was well. It came when he was at his lowest point. Literally.

What ideas come to mind, even as you are in your troubles?

4. The Grace to Implement the Idea

Once God has given you something, He will teach you how to put it together. Don’t take this for granted, because this is where you begin to witness the favor of God.

This is where God will begin to connect you with people in higher authority who are looking for the talent and skill that you have.

5. The Blessing and Favor of God

This is the part where people begin to see the evidence of God’s favor on you. They may not know how you reached this point, but you know. And it was through your hardships that you obtained so much more than you could ask or think.

And that, dear reader, is how God operates.

This is how He empowers you to gain a life that is more glorious than you can imagine. It’s not an easy road. But it is a rewarding one.

I pray that this article blessed you. And as always, let’s grow together!

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