Your outlook and how you perceive life is a direct reflection of how you view yourself. It’s time to take control of your thoughts and learn how to realize your value.

If you don’t, who will?

Consider these 3 tips to refocus your relationship with the woman within:

Love Yourself

It sounds cliché, and we know this is easier said than done! Most of the time, we are our biggest critics – not allowing ourselves to fully embrace our strengths, instead focusing on those things we’d change…if…only…

Realistic assessment of your positive and negative characteristics is healthy, but only when you own your greatness first.

The next time you stand in front of a mirror, don’t just look – truly see yourself. For example, if your arms aren’t as toned as you wish they’d be, remind yourself of the weight they’ve carried and the love they express when you hug your loved ones. Realign how you perceive every part of yourself. Mind, body, and spirit.

Wish you were “better, stronger, different” or any of the other negative descriptors we sometimes use to devalue ourselves? Stop.

Do you acknowledge the things you do love? If not, start today. Whether your “I Love Me” list includes 1 or 100 things, celebrate the characteristics and experiences that have made you, you.

Never apologize for who you are, especially to yourself.

Don’t be a Doormat

When you allow people to treat you badly, you give them power. Your energy, confidence, and attitude are the currency you use to interact with the world around you.

If you find yourself making excuses for someone else’s behavior or letting their words affect your mood, you are creating opportunities to be taken for granted.

How you treat yourself is a direct reflection of how people treat you.

Respect creates respect and love nourishes love!

Don’t Settle

Do you tolerate partners or friends who don’t appreciate you, take without giving, or ignore your feelings? Many women listen to their inner critic and believe they don’t deserve more.

Wrong. You deserve fulfilling relationships with those who truly love and nurture you.

Relationships are chosen.

True and lasting love is yours when you place a high value on yourself and expectations on those you choose to be in your life.

Don’t be afraid to leave relationships that don’t nourish your heart or align with your purpose. Realize that your most important relationship is with yourself.


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