“My poem is about being Black in America and the responsibility that comes along with that. My target audience would be anyone that feels a need to speak up against injustice.”

It’s Our Assignment
by Shana Smith-Coleman

We did not ask to be black it was assigned to us.
We embrace who we are, we find pride in us.
It’s too heavy to bear the burden of our ancestors yet we bear it.
They tried to kill our spirits long ago, but we repaired it.
They went through so much to free us yet we still live in this prison.
A system used to protect us now inhabits poor decisions.
A world where they say all men are equal, but the lie starts as soon as we believe it.
Trust me I’ll pledge allegiance to your flag as long as my people can achieve it.
Freedom…don’t be deceived by it. Racial injustice still exists.
It’s different now it comes with fakes smiles and hits with a badge covered fist.
Tarnished in hate is what this country has become.
Dr. King I’m sorry but we have not yet overcome.
Still we keep on pressing, persistence is in our being.
We’ll never give up hope or stop fighting for what we believe in.
It’s our assignment!

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