As women we often find ourselves being pulled from one place to the next. Everyone has their own level of expectation of us. We silently agree to these expectations, sometimes without knowledge of what’s entailed.

In our acceptance, we soon discover that no one person is really concerned about the next. Each individual is only focused on what they require and desire of us.

As we continue to participate in the art of tug-of-war, we find ourselves exhausted from the pull. We try earnestly to regain our breath and continue the fight.

However, there comes a time when the tank is bone dry.

You have nothing left to offer or give. You have no energy or motivation to do anything. You don’t want to dress up, comb your hair, put makeup on or anything of that nature.

All you want to do is catch your breath.

With the vision of a sunflower-filled field and the gentle breeze stroking your cheek, all you want to do is escape.

Then your phone rings.  Someone is pulling at your leg while another is pulling at your arm. You are twirled around like a small child on a merry-go-round. You find yourself dizzy and off balance.

When will the room stop spinning, is your thought. When will I get the chance to breathe?

I want you to know that now is the time.

Today is the day that you should breathe. Whatever it takes for you to get that next full breath, make it happen. If you have to tell a few people no, that’s okay. If you have to make some people wait, that’s okay as well. The most important person at this moment is YOU…

It’s not being selfish if you take a few minutes or more for yourself.  

It’s not being selfish if you breathe. Breathing is necessary to sustain life.  

Taking time for yourself proves that you ARE thinking about everyone connected to and depending on you. If you’re not breathing you’re not living. If you’re not living, you’re not helping those who counting on you. Your wellbeing and good health is important.

Yes, you are an amazing woman and you have mastered the juggling act.  But there’s so much more in you. There are so many untapped treasures that rest in you.  

You are so busy being busy that you walk or run right past them.  

Stop for a moment and allow it all to come forth.  

My beautiful, powerful and courageous sister, take this moment to just… breathe.

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