She sat on the ground as it moved beneath her.

Her tears joined her during the morning hour and they joined her at bedtime.

All of her troubles were racing through her mind. A failing marriage. Jealous coworkers. A wayward child. Debt and other life storms had broken her.

She laid there as the sun greeted her. The rain fell and the leaves danced.

Her feet were weary. Her back hurt. Her hair was grey and her eyes were red. Her mind was busy as she tried to free herself from imprisonment.

She made sacrifices for the world yet the world had just spit in her face. Her heart was broken. No matter the route she traveled, she bumped into obstacles and could not get ahead because those she loved always needed to be fed.

She was independent and caring, and loved her child who took another direction in life. She shed so many tears over the turn her child had taken. She instilled morals and values in her daughter, but it was stolen in less than five minutes by an outsider.

Now, she watched her daughter struggle because she had nothing more to give.

She wanted to lean on her husband but he had become self-consumed and needed her to get over her emotional roller coaster. Her pastor reached out to her yet she didn’t open up because she didn’t want her face to be revealed without makeup. She believed a depressed Christian was useless.

Although people reached out, they pulled at the same time.

No one saw that she was at the edge.

She battled corporate America, then went home to battle storms; fighting other folks’ battles and slowly being drained on too many levels. Her life was out of balance and she was falling.

She was carrying the weight of the world upon her shoulders. She didn’t want to get up from the ground. She was tired of fighting and concealing her pain behind make up and a smile.

As the ground continued to move beneath her, she sat in that moment with her regrets and feeling as if her life had passed her by.

Was she living or simply being? She wanted more, but she was weary.

The sound of thunder made her jump to her feet. There was no rain, but a portion of the sky was gray while another was blue.

As she stood, it began to rain.

Surprisingly, the rain uplifted her. She heard God telling her to get up and keep moving and that He would take care of everything. She allowed the rain to cleanse her.

She grabbed her faith and moved from yesterday into the moment, dancing in storms while letting the stress go.

In life, we are dealt various cards that can make or break us.

We deal with the storms of finances and health. or the loss of a loved one. We deal with feeling neglected, rejected, unworthy or hopeless. However, our battles can be overcome and used to help another.

Whatever you do, do not give up.

You never know what is ahead for you. Keep moving forward and live in the moment with a clear mind and focus.

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