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Why You Should Never Travel

When I told my friend about my upcoming solo trip to New York City, she exclaimed,“Oh wow, I wish I could do that!” I just...
becoming celibate devon franklin megan goode

No More “Soul Ties”: Why I Decided to Become Celibate

I’m entering in a new season of my life where I feel like I’m gaining a restart button. Finally, after years and years of...
9 People You Can't Travel With on Your Journey to Success Nia magazine for black women

9 People You Can’t Travel With on Your Journey to Success

You’re going on a journey. That’s right, your destination is success! However, before you arrive at your destiny-ation you need to make sure that your vehicle...

7 Things You’re Doing That Will Prevent You From Ever Becoming Wealthy

Becoming wealthy, achieving financial success, living life on your own terms - these are all things people want for themselves when they think about...
black female media powerhouses

5 Black Female Media Powerhouses Transforming TV Culture 

During orientation for a writing position I’d accepted, the manager wheeled in a rolling-cart/TV/VCR combo synonymous with training film torture. There were sighs of relief...
job interview mistakes

4 Things I Learned After 30 Job Interviews

Securing a job is never a foregone conclusion. When I moved from suburban Pennsylvania to New York City in early 2015, I was confident my...

Stay Ready: 6 Unique Challenges of Working While Black… & A Woman

It’s no secret that as women we just don’t get a fair shake when it comes to the corporate world. The inequalities we face...
how to travel on a small budget

Dream Trip: 7 Ways to Travel… Even on A Small(er) Budget

Do you dream of escaping to a cabana on a deserted beach or visiting European cities and their many historical museums? Yet, when you...


“Broken Glass Oceans” by Cashawn Brown

"I wrote this poem after recently getting out of a toxic relationship; about the different phases of the relationship from beginning to end. This poem is for anyone who has gotten lost in love."