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black travel abroad

6 Lessons Living Abroad Has Taught Me About Life

For the past six months, I have lived in southeast Asia as an English teacher in Thailand. Being a born-and-bred Californian, the experience has been...
how to become an entrepreneur

Start Your Business: 5 Steps to Transition from Employee to Solopreneur

Four years ago, Ayanna Penn was full time social worker with a growing family. She was ready for a change. Penn wanted to be able...
Meet 5 Black Women Conquering the Design & Art World

Curators of Cool: Meet The 5 Black Women Conquering the Design & Art World

From skyscrapers and custom homes, to product development and interior design solutions, the amazing talent of Black architects and designers is on full display...
black women at work

6 Unique Challenges Black Women Face in the Workplace

It’s no secret that as women we just don’t get a fair shake when it comes to the corporate world. The inequalities we face...
Bali solo travel

Dream Trip: How I Found Myself Through Solo Travel in Bali

I’ve always been a people-person. In my youth, I joined the Girl Scouts so I could hang out with my school friends on the weekends....
black female media powerhouses

5 Black Female Media Powerhouses Transforming TV Culture With Stories For & About Us

During orientation for a writing position I’d accepted, the manager wheeled in a rolling-cart/TV/VCR combo synonymous with training film torture. There were sighs of relief...
quit my job

Why I Quit My Career to Travel the World

I was not happy with the person I was becoming – more focused on others’ perception of me than my own happiness. I watched myself become more interested in what I had, than who I was.
Mini-Lives: The New Way to Travel Nia Magazine for black women

Mini-Lives: The New Way to Travel

Have you ever gone on vacation and completely fallen in love with your destination? The people are so welcoming and friendly, the food is delicious,...
How to Advance in Your Career Nia magazine for black women

Get Back in the Game: How to Advance in Your Career

Perhaps you've reached a roadblock at work or feel under appreciated, despite the contributions you've made. Get back in the game and advance in your career.
female business traveler

7 Tips for the Solo Female Business Traveler

As a career woman, I’ve had the luxury of being able to attend work conferences at the expense of my employer. The opportunity to...
Is Your Brand Bad for You Nia Magazine for black women

Is Your Brand Bad for You?

Whether you like it or not, you have an online presence and your personal brand is the heat that boils the pot. Whether you’re selling...
Career Advice: Conquer The Internal Work Bully Nia magazine for black women

Career Advice: How to Conquer The Internal Work Bully

Today's work environment has its challenges. Staying current with trends, being on top of deadlines and remaining one step ahead can be downright draining. While...
The Travel List: Must-See Romantic Destinations Nia Magazine for black women

The Travel List: Must-See Romantic Destinations

We've composed a list of Romantic Destinations, with different elements to excite you and your significant other. Check out Part 1 of our travel list.


Why I Started Nia Magazine

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Why America Must Pass the Chalk to Black Women

This singular moment in Hidden Figures sums up how the US should interact with Black women. During a highly classified government meeting, a group consisting...


How Many More?

What do you do when tears anger hope prayer protest... are not enough? When you're almost numb inside because you've heard this story so many times you know it by heart. Exhausted from...

Celebrate Black Speak Week: September 4th-10th. Let’s Make It a Thing

One thing that has never sat well with me is the way that some of us act when we encounter our black brothers and...

3 Ways to Deal with Rejection

It’s inevitable; at some point in our lives we will encounter it. It’s not a good feeling – it hurts, it can even sting,...