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Bali solo travel

Dream Trip: How I Found Myself Through Solo Travel in Bali

I’ve always been a people-person. In my youth, I joined the Girl Scouts so I could hang out with my school friends on the weekends....
quit my job

Why I Quit My Career to Travel the World

I was not happy with the person I was becoming – more focused on others’ perception of me than my own happiness. I watched myself become more interested in what I had, than who I was.
Mini-Lives: The New Way to Travel Nia Magazine for black women

Mini-Lives: The New Way to Travel

Have you ever gone on vacation and completely fallen in love with your destination? The people are so welcoming and friendly, the food is delicious,...
How to Advance in Your Career Nia magazine for black women

Get Back in the Game: How to Advance in Your Career

Perhaps you've reached a roadblock at work or feel under appreciated, despite the contributions you've made. Get back in the game and advance in your career.
female business traveler

7 Tips for the Solo Female Business Traveler

As a career woman, I’ve had the luxury of being able to attend work conferences at the expense of my employer. The opportunity to...
Is Your Brand Bad for You Nia Magazine for black women

Is Your Brand Bad for You?

Whether you like it or not, you have an online presence and your personal brand is the heat that boils the pot. Whether you’re selling...
The Travel List: Must-See Romantic Destinations Nia Magazine for black women

The Travel List: Must-See Romantic Destinations

We've composed a list of Romantic Destinations, with different elements to excite you and your significant other. Check out Part 1 of our travel list.
the day that changed my life nia magazine for black women

The Day That Changed My Life

So, I had been promoted to the executive suite. I wasn’t exactly in the c-suite but close enough to smell the expensive pens and...

Our Purpose, Our Plan

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Don’t Back Down When God Gives You Everything You’ve Prayed For

This year I’ve learned that sometimes when we whisper our prayers, we pray for what we believe we need. I speak things into the universe...

Insecure No More

When I think about my past, one of the things I would never have called myself was insecure. I had a diverse peer group. I...

When Love Fails and You Prevail: 5 Steps to Gracefully Become...

Iwas 20 years old when I got married to who I thought was the perfect guy. I diligently saved myself for marriage. I was a...