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how to check off your bucket list

6 Things You Should Check Off Your Bucket List Before It’s Too Late

It seems to be tradition to examine the direction of our lives twice a year: once at the beginning to set resolutions, and once...
should i go to threrapy

Meet Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, The Therapy for Black Girls Founder Creating A Unique...

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford’s got Netflix binge stories. Don’t be surprised to see her at a season finale watch party for your favorite reality show either...
becoming celibate devon franklin megan goode

No More “Soul Ties”: Why I Decided to Become Celibate

I’m entering in a new season of my life where I feel like I’m gaining a restart button. Finally, after years and years of...
how to eat healthy and exercise nia magazine for black women

Healthy Living: How I Found My Motivation to Eat Healthy & Exercise

In order to live your best life, find your motivation to eat healthy and exercise. I did!
how to drink more water

Healthy Living: 5 Reasons Why Water Should Be Your New Favorite Drink

I already know what you are thinking: “But drinking water is so boring and tasteless!” And for many people, that's true. For others, the taste...
how to exercise

5 Tips To Help You Stick to A Consistent Exercise Routine

We are now four months into 2017. By now, many people have already given up on their “I’m gonna work out every day” New...
eating healthy

6 Ways To Kick Unhealthy Food Out of Your Kitchen Once & For All

Eating healthy at home can feel so daunting and even boring to some. Most people simply have no idea how tasty and easy healthy...
eat healthy

Your Healthy Living Guide: 5 Easy Tips to Eat More Mindfully

Being more mindful when you eat is my number one tip to help my clients not only lose weight, but also maintain vibrant health...

Our Purpose, Our Plan


How I Learned to Own My Beautiful & Appreciate My Amazing

This is what I looked like in my teenage years: I had a thick, long mane of dark curls that cascaded down my back and...