social media friendship

Girl Fight: Why Your Friendship Status Isn’t for Social Media

There is a quote that reads: “To have a true enemy, choose a friend”. If you don’t believe it, take a look at your social...
black love

But Is He Even Worthy of Your Love?

If this month has you feeling down and you are contemplating calling back that guy with the bad tooth just so you can have...
date night atlanta

Date Night Atlanta Edition: 28 Ideas to Make Your Next Date the Best One...

If you’re anything like me, a date invitation evokes instant smiles. The kind that starts in your eyes and gently curls the corners of...
death of a parent

Daddy’s Girl: How I Made Peace with the Death of My Father

I awoke that morning still annoyed. My husband Tony and I argued terribly the night before. About something silly, as most arguments are. At the time...
are you a real friend

Real Friends Show Up and Show Support. Do You?

“The single most important thing a friend can do is 1. Show up or 2. Support you. Some people don't understand this concept.” -...
single is the new black nia magazine for black women

Single is the New Black

Let’s face it- no woman really wants to be single. God didn’t place any of us on this earth to be alone. Society will tell...
Are You A Better Mother Than Wife Nia Magazine

Are You A Better Mother Than Wife?

When I was growing up, there were several families on my block. We showed unity, strength and honored each other. This was great in so...
mothering teens

Mom 2.0: I’m Entering a New Phase of Motherhood

My son just finished the first semester of his junior year of high school. Junior year.  Eleventh grade.  It doesn't even seem possible. Especially given that...
College Admissions

College Admissions Checklist: What’s Right for Your Student?

College is, for many of us, “the beginning of the rest of our lives”. It is the pinnacle of everything students have worked toward since...
reshape your circle

It’s Time to Reshape Your Circle

Enough is enough of being loyal to individuals who don’t even return your phone calls. If you haven’t heard, time is of the essence and...
black love

“Broken Glass Oceans” by Cashawn Brown

"I wrote this poem after recently getting out of a toxic relationship; about the different phases of the relationship from beginning to end. This poem is for anyone who has gotten lost in love."

Frenvy: Are You Secretly Jealous of Your Friends?

In it’s purest and most effective form, frenvy (aka “friend - envy) is that Bruce Lee kick-to-your-face-and-gut that your body delivers as you listen to your BFF, neighbor, co-worker or close acquaintance, tell you their dream is about to come true.
A Jones for You Love Jones Nia Magazine for black women

A Jones for You

I remember the night we met in Atlanta. On a cold evening in December, I turned around and there he was. 6'4", beautiful mocha skin, an electric smile escaping...


Why I Started Nia Magazine

The most important piece is YOU, our readers. Thank you in advance for being a part of the Nia movement. I want to hear from you. What do you want to see? What do you care about? Nia is a dialogue. We’re in this together.

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Why America Must Pass the Chalk to Black Women

This singular moment in Hidden Figures sums up how the US should interact with Black women. During a highly classified government meeting, a group consisting...


“I’m Doing Fine”…and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

As a therapist who counsels people with mental health disorders and addiction issues, I have come to the conclusion that the most over-utilized word...

How The Friend Zone Is Keeping You Single

We’ve all heard of the friend zone. Two infamous words that will make most men run for the hills. I don’t know many men who desire...

“Never Take An Ex Back”…According to Men

Those who know me know that I read things and often have strong and very definite thoughts on the matter. After reading an article on...