are you a real friend

Real Friends Show Up and Show Support. Do You?

“The single most important thing a friend can do is 1. Show up or 2. Support you. Some people don't understand this concept.” -...
reshape your circle

It’s Time to Reshape Your Circle

Enough is enough of being loyal to individuals who don’t even return your phone calls. If you haven’t heard, time is of the essence and...

Frenvy: Are You Secretly Jealous of Your Friends?

In it’s purest and most effective form, frenvy (aka “friend - envy) is that Bruce Lee kick-to-your-face-and-gut that your body delivers as you listen to your BFF, neighbor, co-worker or close acquaintance, tell you their dream is about to come true.
9 People You Can't Travel With on Your Journey to Success Nia magazine for black women

9 People You Can’t Travel With on Your Journey to Success

You’re going on a journey. That’s right, your destination is success! However, before you arrive at your destiny-ation you need to make sure that your vehicle...
6 People to Shut Out of Your Life nia magazine for black women

6 People to Shut Out of Your Life

Sometimes we have to love people from afar. We’ve all experienced individuals who are counterproductive to our growth and mental well-being. And unfortunately, they all...
Losing Your BFFs in Your 40s Nia Magazine for black women

Losing Your BFFs in Your 40s

My birthday celebrations have always been of epic proportion. I was known to have the grandest parties a small town could offer. I’d have balloons,...
Dear Married Friends Nia magazine for black women

Dear Married Friends…

A few months back, I read a blog post about married couples with children. It addressed their life change and invitations to events they...
Saying Goodbye to Toxic Relationships Nia Magazine for Black women

The Importance of Saying Goodbye to Toxic Relationships

Did you know that being in a toxic relationship can kill you? Well, hopefully not literally, but it can kill your spirit. Relationships are powerful. Humans...
how to be a good friend Nia magazine for black women

Girlfriends Matter

Friends. How many of us have them? Well according to Facebook, I have close to 2,000. But considering the reality of the “flake rate”, that number...

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Why I Started Nia Magazine

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Blessings in a Storm

I heard a rushing sound and looked out of my office window and witnessed a flash of white. No, not snow, the element one...

What’s On Your Bucket List? (and How to Check It Off)

It seems to be tradition to examine the direction of our lives twice a year: once at the beginning to set resolutions, and once...

But God: Fight, Flight, or Find Faith

I’ve spent the majority of my life testing faith; yet enduring much. I often ask myself, why it is so hard to have sustaining faith...