by: Alexis Tyler Austin

i tried
to write you a love poem
but my fingers went idle
right after
i thought of the title:
my    soul’s    song
a sassy jazz symphony
tap dances the rhythm of me:
beats box
til they drop
pick back up
stop and
start drummin’,
now hummin’
as if your thumb’s
my heart’s strings

this is perfection’s harmony.

your precision
fiddles me, tickles
ivory-caressed flesh.

laughter in b flat.

hold me
breaths echo
golden oldies:
              i guess you saaay,
             what can make me feel this waaay

listen. just wait…
the cadence of your patience
fades into kisses
high notes
in perfect pitch.

let’s vibe to this.
i’m high on this,
on you.
coasting on crescendo

i tried
to write you a love song,
but my fingers went idle,
right after
i thought of the title:
my    soul’s    poem

© Alexis Tyler Austin. Published with permission.

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