No one gets into a relationship expecting it to end in complete and utter failure, but sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles. I learned a long time ago to stop counting unsuccessful connections as a waste of time, and began to look at them as the lessons they were meant to be.

It might sound strange, but I am grateful for each and every run-in that I’ve encountered with Mr. Wrong, and you should be too.

Here are 5 reasons why meeting Mr. Wrong isn’t so bad after all:

1. He Shows You What You Don’t Want In A Partner

Dating is a time for exploration, but this consideration shouldn’t just end at the potential relationship. It is also a time to examine yourself and discover what floats your boat, as well as what completely turns you off.

While we often make these assessments alone, adding a partner into the mix will truly show us ourselves. You’ll quickly realize what you can tolerate and what traits are downright deal breakers in your book.

2. He Shows You Qualities That You Love.

Just because things didn’t work out doesn’t mean the relationship was all bad. You may even find attributes in your ex that are “must have” qualities for the future. Maybe you appreciated your mutual love for the arts, or perhaps they introduced you to your new favorite hobby.

Or it could be something as simple as you adoring their “family first” attitude.

Whatever it was that made your heart skip a beat, after the relationship has ended you’ll be on the lookout for those positive traits in someone more suited to your needs.

3. He Makes It Easier To Recognize Something Real.

Once it’s clear what you don’t want, when something of value comes along it’s easy to pick it out of a crowd. Had I not run into a knucklehead (or four), I might not have recognized what a good man my husband was when we finally crossed paths. Because of my past experiences, it was easy for me to tell that he was special.

When you realize the uniqueness of something you’re less likely to take it for granted.

4. He Makes You Stronger.

Sure, breakups can hurt, even when you know you’re not with the right person. But I’m a believer that our experiences only make us stronger, wiser, and better prepared. The sting of disappointment will eventually fade away, and when it does it’s up to you to put the knowledge you’ve acquired to good use.

5. He Left.

Can we be real for just a moment?

Sometimes the beauty of knowing a person is in the moment you disconnect from them. Some people just mean you no good. And no matter which way you flip it, turn it, or spin it around, the blessing lies in the fact that they’re gone.

To have experienced a person of that magnitude and rid yourself of them is nothing short of a victory. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

So while it’s okay to feel angry, hurt, or disappointed after a failed attempt at “happily ever after”, none of it is ever really a waste of time.

Each person who enters our lives comes with a lesson – but we must take the time to recognize what that lesson is. Whether it’s self-discovery or turning your sights to something better, be sure to thank an ex today – even if it’s just in your mind.


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