It happens to all of us.

That moment when you’re scrolling down your timeline and you see it.

Someone launched the idea you have been sitting on for years, but have been waiting for the right time to start. Or maybe you shared your next big thing with a “close” friend and now it’s their next big thing.

Or, just maybe, you see that one friend who seems like they have it all together. Their business is booming, their kids are geniuses, Husband adores them, they always look nice…and you can just tell from their pictures that they smell heavenly.

And now, all of these things have you questioning everything about your own life.

Am I good enough? Am I doing enough? Why aren’t things working out for me?

With the incorporation of social media in to all facets of our lives, there is never a lack of things to see that pull envy right out of its hiding place.

I’ll be the first to admit that envy has reared its ugly head a time or two in my life. But what I have learned from doing battle with it is that we just need to stop!

Stop it right now and mind your business. Literally.

Yes, I said it!

We heard this statement all of our lives from our mommas and aunties; reminding us to stay out of other people’s business, stop staring at other people as they live their lives, and to, quite honestly, go somewhere else and focus on things that were created just for us.

Why are we digging into the lives of others; spending hours combing through their pictures, comparing our lives to theirs, and even worse, beating ourselves up about how far we are from living our best lives.

All of the time you spend comparing yourself to others is time lost from completing the tasks required to mind the business that is YOU.

It’s almost as if minding your business has become one of the golden rules that everyone has forgotten. So, when you find yourself knocking on envy’s door, as we all do sometimes, check yourself and remember these 3 sentiments:

  1. Contrary to popular belief, there is enough room for all of us

    Rejoice in the success of others, as it will open doors for you. Congratulating someone else serves as a reminder that it can be done and that you need to get to work.

  1. Take a social media break

    I know how hard it is, however, sometimes we have to live our lives instead of posting about living our lives. There’s a difference. Remember, people are not what they post to be. Taking a social media break may give you the time you need to really figure out what you want to do… and get to doing it.

  1. Focus on the amazingness that is you

    We are all a work in progress and no one has to lose so we can win!

Our mommas and aunties had it right when they put their hands on their hips and told us to “mind our business”.

We just didn’t know at that time the lasting effect and magnitude that this statement would have on our lives as we continue to work toward being the women that we strive to be!

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