My father is the oldest soul I know.

I think he must have spent most of his childhood eavesdropping on my grandfather or hanging out with the “seasoned” men in the neighborhood.

As soon as I could speak, he bestowed a plethora of sayings and words of wisdom on me, and demanded that I repeat them often. It was like punishment by annoyance.

Dad: “What’s our motto?”

Me: “Never say can’t, for could is master.”

If I didn’t say it with enough strength or conviction, he’d ask until he was satisfied with my response – or I would get a whoopin’. As a child, it made no sense; especially during young adulthood. I thought we weren’t supposed to say what we would never do.  What kind of positive mantra has double negatives?!

But I was missing the point.

As I stumbled through various experiences, those words were like gasoline to the fire in my soul. Like being stranded in a broken down car, sometimes I had to get the gas myself.  Other times, I had to wait for it to arrive. My father made sure I knew that, no matter the circumstance, I could always move past the present.

I’ve practiced Catholicism and I’ve been a fire baptized Pentecostal. I’ve always known God!  But don’t confuse knowing Him with always acknowledging His hand in my life.  I’ve simply always known He was present and available. As my spirituality increased, I began to see alignment between my natural and spiritual life.

One came to me as I was driving.

I do a large amount of my praying, pondering, and planning while commuting (I live in Georgia, my car is my primary residence!). I had Praise radio on, not intentionally listening, because I was in deep thought. Driving in autopilot, focused on sifting through the millions of notes in my mind. I heard it.

”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13).

I don’t remember the context of the message or who was speaking, but I knew that my Heavenly Father had just granted me an upgrade. I usually buy regular, but that day, He gave me premium!

I’d heard that scripture one million times, but this was the first time I truly listened to it.

I would later understand that my freedom was embedded in the words of both my Divine and earthly fathers about what I could and can do.

My earthly father, though far from a religious man, knew the value of repetition and believing in one’s self, just like my Divine Father, whose instructions are to “meditate on His words day and night”.

That practice is the core that balances, guides, uplifts, and inspires me today.

I’m not a meditation expert (every day I say I’m going to start…legs crossed, palms up, chanting, the whole kit and caboodle. I’m still working on that), but I do consider myself an expert by experience that whatever we feed our minds will manifest. Even if you don’t consciously believe it.

If it’s done with enough consistency and gumption, when the appointed time presents itself, you’ll see it. Your experiences will manifest the true power of the words and you will believe.

It took several years to get from that day in the car, to this article. Though often frustrated and disappointed, I wasn’t overly concerned because I was bred to “never say can’t, for could is master”. It was confirmed by my Divine Father who stated, I can do ALL things through His strength!

The fact that you are reading this article is proof positive.

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